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Viewers Appalled by Video Showing How Cats Travel on Planes: ‘So Sad’

An airport worker who shares various aspects of his job on TikTok posted a video showing how cats travel when they are placed in the plane’s cargo holder, sparking a debate among viewers.
TikTok user @djsugue posted the video in late July and it has amassed more than 700,000 views.
The short clip showed a pair of cat carriers occupied by felines that were strapped together and to the floor of the aircraft. The two cats were curled up on blankets in their respective carriers.
Jessica Sewell, LVT and regional technician and assistant director for VCA Animal Hospitals wrote to Newsweek that pet owners can prepare for flights by ensuring their cat had a recent physical exam and is up to date with vaccines, making the carrier comfortable with access to water and a portable litter box and considering calming pheromones.
“Some animals, including cats, surprisingly, can fly without much anxiety or stress at all,” Sewell said. “Other animals, especially those not accustomed to travel or being taken out of their environment often, can experience a high level or anxiety or stress.”
She said if pet owners can avoid bringing their cat or dog on flights with them, it’s best to not travel with them. Those who must travel with pets should speak with their veterinary care team.
VCA Animal Hospitals said owners can try to make the trip more comfortable for their cats by having them travel on an empty stomach to reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting.
The short video showed what looked like a nearly-empty plane cargo hold with the two cat carriers placed in the corner.
However, many viewers voiced their concerns for the cats’ comfort in the comments section.
“That’s so sad,” a viewer wrote.
“I can’t imagine how much stress they can have,” commented another.
“Poor sweet babies this is probably their worst nightmare, my cat can’t deal with the car let alone plane,” one viewer commented.
A viewer suggested that airlines explore the possibility of having pet-friendly seat sections, while another called for “pet-friendly flights.”
Newsweek reached out to @djsugue for comment.
The TikToker has previously shared other videos that give viewers a glimpse into how pets travel when they fly. He posted a video showing the pet compartment within a plane’s cargo hold and another clip showing how dogs are loaded into the “belly of the airplane.”
One video featuring a pet that was traveling showed a stranger giving her pillow to a service dog while aboard a flight.



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