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Utes hoping to raise Rose Bowl trophy this time

PASADENA, Calif. (ABC4 Sports) – After coming up three points short last year in a thrilling loss against Ohio State, the Utes are hoping for a different feeling when they walk off the field of the Rose Bowl Monday against Penn State.
“We did everything last year already, Disneyland and all that, and it was cool and all, but this is a business trip,” running back Micah Bernard said Friday in Pasadena. “We did stuff last year, and we’re strictly here for business to get a ‘W.’”
“It’s an honor to be here and I’m excited for what’s in store for us,” added wide receiver DeVaughn Vele. “Going to the bowl activities for another year and hopefully come out with a different outcome.”
“Originally at the start of the season we were like, let’s got to the playoffs, let’s make history right?” said linebacker Karene Reid. “Because we’ve already been to the Rose Bowl. But we didn’t win last year, so if we want to make history, we’ve got to win this game.”
Coming off a 10-3 season and its second straight Pac-12 Championship, the Utes feel like they still have a lot to prove by winning another big game against a traditional powerhouse. What better place to do than the Rose Bowl against the 11th-ranked NIttany Lions.
“We pride ourselves on being the toughest team in the Pac-12,” Reid said. “Now we have a chance to prove ourselves on a national stage, that we are really tough and aggressive.”
“This game has so much prestige and tradition throughout college football,” said tight end Thomas Yassmin. “While it’s awesome to be here, we want to get the “W” and we want to walk away with that same feeling we had after the Pac-12 Championship Game and to get another first, historic win for the program.”
Last year’s loss to the Buckeyes has been a motivating factor during the Utes preparation for Penn State.
“Absolutely, I remember seeing them celebrate and have the ceremony right after,” said quarterback Cam Rising. “Seeing that as I walked off that field, that’s kind of been engraved in my head ever since and I want to be on the other side of it now.”
“That’s the only outcome I see in my head, that’s what I want to happen,” Vele said. “Not a lot of people can say they been to two Rose Bowls, let alone back to back Rose Bowls. So obviously we want a different outcome this year and that’s the only thing that’s pushing us right now is that we want to win. We know what it felt like when we lost last year in the Rose Bowl, and we don’t want that same feeling. We want the feeling of being on the other end, where we’re celebrating and the confetti is falling down on us.”
The Utes and Penn State kick off at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday in Pasadena.



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