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‘Unwanted and just stupid’: Trump insider trashes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest stunt

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) will travel to Mar-a-Lago as he faces a leadership threat from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and Donald Trump’s inner circle is indicating they’re not thrilled with the drama.
The Georgia Republican filed a motion to vacate last month that so far has not come up for a vote, and Trump insiders aren’t happy that Greene has threatened to throw the House back into chaos in a presidential election year, risking the GOP’s chances of keeping Congress and retaking the White House and Senate, reported Politico Playbook.
“One hundred percent distraction, unwanted and just stupid,” said one Trump insider. “We’re not going to get trapped into this cycle of bulls–t that comes out of members of the House.”
Johnson will appear Friday alongside Trump at an “election integrity” event at his Mar-a-Lago resort, suggesting a growing relationship between two of the party’s most powerful leaders, but another person close with the former president indicated patience is wearing thin for Greene.
“It’s fair to say we don’t think she’s being constructive,” that person said. “The internal fighting is not appreciated by [Trump].”
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Some of Trump’s senior advisers, such as Chris LaCivita, have reached out to Johnson’s team to discuss strategy and have even discussed regular meetings between the Trump campaign and Johnson’s operation to help hold the party together as a number of high-ranking Republicans have resigned to escape the chaos.
“It’s no way to run a party, it’s no way to run a House,



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