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Tom Cruise’s Movie Career Change Can Give Us Something We’ve Wanted For 25 Years

Summary Cruise’s new Warner Bros. deal hints at a career change, focusing on more auteur-driven films over blockbusters for the iconic actor.
While Cruise excels in action blockbusters, a return to smaller projects would showcase his impressive range and acting abilities effectively.
An actor like Cruise, who can deliver in both blockbusters and independently-driven films, should continue to challenge himself in both genres to showcase his full potential.
Tom Cruise’s string of blockbuster releases throughout his career have helped define generations of storytelling, but a recent announcement could signify a new direction in the A-list actor’s career. Cruise’s new Warner Bros. deal suggests the actor is ready to redirect the direction of his career after the string of blockbusters he’s made over the past decade. While Cruise is arguably one of the biggest names in the industry, it is interesting to see how his new deal pans out. Since the early 80s, Cruise has worked with a wide range of directors specializing in blockbusters to slow-burn independent films.
Perhaps because of Cruise’s stellar acting abilities and his sound decision-making when choosing roles, he’s gone on to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with both on the large and small scale of the industry. However, in more recent years, Cruise has almost ostensibly starred in movies designed to be a part of the industry’s blockbuster catalog. Moreover, with Top Gun: Maverick’s incredible box-office performance, it seems the actor is on a mission to solidify himself as Hollywood’s biggest movie star. Nevertheless, his new deal could see a return to form for the A-list actor.
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Tom Cruise Making Fewer Blockbusters Can Be Like His Career in 1999 Again
Cruise’s work in 1999 saw him in the acclaimed Eyes Wide Shut and Magnolia.
Even though the details are light, Cruise has joined Alejandro González Iñárritu’s next movie, which suggests he’s more interested in focusing his efforts on more auteur-driven work for this juncture in his career than exclusively focusing on big-budget blockbusters. While the news might come as a surprise to some, it hearkens back to some of the actor’s previous work as seen in the critically acclaimed dramas, Eyes Wide Shut and Magnolia. The two films in particular were great for Cruise because they highlighted his range at one of the high points in his career.
While Cruise’s work in the action movie blockbuster category still ranks among some of his best work and solidifies him as one of the industry’s biggest movie stars, Cruise has also proven time and again that he’s an excellent dramatic actor when the material is right. In addition to Eyes Wide Shut and Magnolia, Cruise delivered strong performances in other 90s classics like Interview with the Vampire, A Few Good Men, and Jerry Maguire. Moreover, Cruise still took on big-budget roles during the time, which proves his range while also reinforcing why a return to form would be great.
While Cruise’s work in the action movie blockbuster category still ranks among some of his best work and solidifies him as one of the industry’s biggest movie stars, Cruise has also proven time and again that he’s an excellent dramatic actor when the material is right.
Why Tom Cruise Making More Auteur-Driven Movies Would Be Great
Cruise focusing on smaller projects can reinforce that he’s just as good an actor as he is a movie star.
Cruise returning to more auteur-driven work would remind older audiences and demonstrate to newer ones that Cruise’s abilities exceed far beyond high-octane blockbusters filled with death-defying stunts. With Cruise’s more subdued body of work, he’s proven that he’s a superb actor who is capable of elevating the status of any project he’s involved in. While the 90s demonstrated Cruise’s range exceptionally well, the 2000s continued the trend as the actor seamlessly starred in and produced several well-received blockbusters and dramatic films throughout the decade.
Since Cruise’s more recent body of work has seen him predominantly star in big-budget action movies, it would be refreshing to see him return to smaller projects. One of the best things an actor or actress can do in their career is challenge themselves, as it keeps them sharp and prevents them from being typecast. Taking on different roles also presents an interesting opportunity for some of the industry’s top talent to reinvent themselves. While Cruise’s upcoming collaboration with Iñáritu sounds interesting, the actor shouldn’t completely abandon his blockbusters either.
Tom Cruise Shouldn’t Abandon Blockbuster Movies Completely
Cruise’s blockbusters are just as good as his more artistically-driven work.
The best thing about Cruise’s career is that both his blockbusters and his smaller movies are just as good. Whether Cruise is performing some of the craziest stunts audiences have ever seen or delivering exceptionally well-written monologues, he’s already proven that he can do it all to great effect. Since his body of work from the 2010s has seen him reinvent the action movie wheel with each subsequent Mission: Impossible entry, it would be a delight to see him work alongside some of this generation’s more independent talent, such as A24 or perhaps even a filmmaker like Jordan Peele.
Additionally, seeing Cruise defy all expectations once again as Ethan Hunt or even take to the skies in Top Gun 3 would be great too, since Cruise continues to demonstrate his passion for those projects as well. Cruise continuing to deliver strong performances in both styles of movies could see a sequel to underrated projects like Edge of Tomorrow or even another collaboration with the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson. Tom Cruise’s star power and versatility means he would be able to do exceedingly well in either genre or both in the same decade as seen throughout his entire career.



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