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Tom Cruise And Vin Diesel Have One Thing In Common: They’re Our Least-Sexy Movie Stars

Tom Cruise And Vin Diesel Have One Thing In Common: They’re Our Least-Sexy Movie Stars
When we surveyed our readers about Vin Diesel’s best role in 2023, the results were rather illuminating. The actor’s “Fast & Furious” counterpart, Dominic Toretto, came in shockingly low, lagging well behind The Iron Giant and Groot. That’s right, a giant robot with a limited vocabulary and a sentient tree that only repeats the same sentence over and over were considered better roles for him than the Fast Fam’s supposedly beloved patriarch. The number one spot went to Riddick B. Riddick, a morally flexible antihero who would just as soon leave his pals for dead than stick his neck out for them.
Why do these characters fit Diesel so well? Well, if I may be so bold, I would say it’s because they all have one thing in common: They don’t require him to be remotely sexy.
Now, it’s worth clarifying that when I say Diesel isn’t “sexy,” I’m in no way trashing his appearance. I’m also not talking about modern action and superhero films that cast extremely attractive actors and then refuse to allow them to be even mildly horny, nor the absence of sex scenes in a lot of recent mainstream cinema. Heck, Diesel’s filmography probably includes more sexually charged or sensual moments than every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie combined! Yet, for the life of me, there’s only one time I can recall watching one of Diesel’s movies and feeling like he emanated sexiness (which we’ll get into a little later).
The funny thing is, he’s not alone on this island. Tom Cruise is one of our biggest living movie stars, yet he’s also one of our least-sexy A-listers — and I say this as someone who has generally enjoyed his films throughout his career. (The same goes for Diesel.) But why is that?



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