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This 6-star Scenic cruise is the ultimate way to visit East Antarctica

The air is crisply chilled and perfectly clean. All you can hear is the croon of your Zodiac as it weaves a path between icebergs and majestically towering ice cliffs, towards a rocky shore and colony of penguins. You’re in East Antarctica, and the rest of the world seems, well, a whole world away.
Setting foot on the Great White Continent is a deeply-held dream of almost every traveller – a true ‘bucket list’ item if there ever was – and Scenic is now inviting you to make an East Antarctic experience part of your travel plans for 2024-2025.
And you’ll do it in style, on board the ultra-luxurious Scenic Eclipse II which combines the intimacy and style of a superyacht with only up to 200 guests on board in Polar regions and state-of-the-art technology designed to protect the unique Antarctic environment.
A unique feature of the Scenic Eclipse II is its ability to explore Antarctica’s little-known east coast, a hidden gem visited by only a small number of travellers each year.
East Antarctica’s waters are teeming with Adélie, Chinstrap and Royal penguins, leopard seals and humpback whales, and there’s a palpable maritime history following in the wake of explorers Douglas Mawson and Roald Amundsen.
It’s also the most convenient destination for Australians, being positioned immediately to the south of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island.
Even better, Scenic Eclipse II departs from Hobart and Dunedin to head straight to the great southern continent – unlike most Antarctic cruises which depart from Argentina – meaning a short flight is all that’s needed to get your journey underway.
This also saves you two days in transit each way to South America for Antarctic Peninsula voyages.
As for the Discovery Yacht? Scenic Eclipse II is a ‘6-star’ destination in herself.
Launched last year, she’s a true ‘ultra-luxury’ experience. Guests look forward to all-inclusive meals and premium drinks at up to ten dining experiences, eight bars and lounges, together with a 550 sqm ‘Senses Spa’ with saunas, a vitality pool and salt therapy lounge.
Ensuring an unforgettable journey, every suite on Scenic Eclipse II has its own verandah from which to enjoy those dramatic vistas, complemented by personalised butler service.
Each of the refined suites is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including a Dyson hairdryer, a separate sleeping area and lounge. In-suite dining is included, naturally, plus a full mini-bar of sparkling, wine and spirits tailored to your preference by your butler.
Of course, with so many exceptional restaurant options such as the French fine dining flair of Lumière and the Asian fusion of Koko’s, it’s unlikely you’ll be dining in your suite too often.
When it comes time to explore, you can uncover more of Antarctica from above and below via two onboard helicopters^ and a submersible^, or even set out on kayaks or stand-up paddle boards. And that’s just a taste of the exploration that awaits.
Back to that earlier Zodiac making its way toward the rocky shore – the frolicking Adélie colony now coming into sharper view – it’s one of numerous guided expedition-style experiences, each led by the ship’s Polar Discovery Team.
Among the 20 experts you’ll find marine biologists, historians and geologists, to name a few, with their depth of knowledge and vivid storytelling your ticket to an even greater appreciation of the region.
Those opting for a flightseeing helicopter experience will soar above epic sites including the Mars-like Dry Valleys, where precipitation hasn’t landed in millions of years, in addition to mighty Mount Erebus: the world’s southernmost volcano.
As for the custom-built submersible, Scenic Neptune II, that’s an opportunity to explore the vast undersea and under-ice landscape, which is often teeming with technicolour marine invertebrates and a heady contrast to the world above.
Scenic Eclipse II offers three unforgettable East Antarctic expeditions this 2024-25 cruise season. These are:
Cruising from Queenstown to Hobart, ‘Mawson’s Antarctica’ is a chance to relive the tales of those who first navigated the region, including visits to Cape Adare, home to the largest Adélie penguin rookery in Antarctica, and remote Macquarie Island – the only breeding ground of the Royal Penguin.
Antarctica’s Ross Sea charts a different path, with two departures (Hobart to Dunedin and Dunedin return) focusing on humbling landscapes, abundant wildlife and treasured historic relics. It takes in the first explorers’ huts, together with Franklin Island – the remnant of a shield volcano – to explore the rugged landscape and observe Adélie penguins and other nesting seabirds.
Embrace your love to travel and book the Antarctica journey you’ve been dreaming of.
To book visit, call 138 128 or contact your local Travel Advisor.
This article was produced in collaboration with Scenic.



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