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The Very Mission: Impossible Reason Tom Cruise Was Able To Attend Victoria Beckham’s Big 50th Birthday

At this point, the impossible mission seems to be completing filming on two Mission: Impossible movies. Tom Cruise has technically been working on the two films for more than four years, and it seems there’s no end in sight. On the plus side, however, the fact that Cruise has been living in the UK while filming means that he was able to attend Victoria Beckham’s birthday party over the weekend, where he reportedly brought the house down.
Daily Mail reports that Cruise, a friend of David and Victoria Beckham, was in attendance at the former Spice Girl’s 50th birthday party, where he apparently left guests “dumbfounded” following a breakdancing routine that ended in the splits. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed at the party, so there are no pictures of this epic dance routine. But the guests were likely only able to witness it because Cruise is still in the U.K. because the epic Mission: Impossible production isn’t yet over. At this point, we don’t really know when it will all end.
We knew Tom Cruise could dance. From Risky Business to Tropic Thunder some of the actor’s most famous moments on screen that didn’t involve him putting his life on the line in crazy stunts have involved dancing, but at 61 not only is Cruise not slowing down when it comes to the best Mission: Impossible action scenes, but he’s still got the dance moves as well.
It was four years ago when Mission: Impossible 7 was set to get underway filming in Italy when that nation became one of the first outside of China to have a significant coronavirus outbreak. Venice went into lockdown and the production was put on hold. M:I 7 would then become one of the first movies to go back into production. But it was slow going, as the films would need to pause more than once due to their own virus issues, and the movie’s globetrotting caused several delays for required quarantines going into and out of various nations. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One alone took over three years to wrap production.
The Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two release date is currently set for May 25, 2025, more than a year from now. Unless the film sees yet another release date delay, then filming is likely close to being finished. Unless they need to do some final pickup shots in Tom Cruise’s garage again, of course. When the next Mission: Impossible movie does hit theaters it won’t just be the epic conclusion to a two-part adventure for Ethan Hunt, but the end of a years-long adventure for the entire cast and crew.



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