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The Rock Had A Sweet Comment For Emily Blunt After News Broke The Jungle Cruise Co-Stars Will Reunite In A New Movie

Fans of the 2021 hit Jungle Cruise (which you can watch with a Disney+ subscription ) have been looking forward to another pairing between leads Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson ever since. So, when news broke that the stars will finally reunite for the upcoming A24 movie , The Smashing Machine, many people were delighted (despite the fact that Jungle Cruise 2 isn’t bringing them back together…yet ). It looks like The Rock is also very excited and eager to reunite with his one-time co-star, because he had a sweet comment for Blunt after the news came out.
What Did The Rock Say About Emily Blunt After News Broke About Them Reuniting On Screen?
While in some ways it seems like forever ago that Emily Blunt and The Rock were paired for the action adventure Jungle Cruise, anyone who saw that movie or watched any number of (sometimes rather “not safe for Disney”) interviews with the duo as they promoted it will be unable to forget the wonderful banter between them. This is the main reason why so many movie-goers want to see them star in another film, and now that it looks like we’re getting our wish, The Rock has left a sweet comment for Blunt that the whole world can see on his Instagram :
She’s inspiring – one of one. Emily Blunt Benny Safdie A24 “The Smashing Machine”
Considering how inspiring the superstar wrestler turned actor has been to so many people over the decades, it must be a good feeling to have him call you out as a fellow star who’s “inspiring” to himself.
As you can see from his comment, he also gave a shout out to the writer/director of the upcoming The Smashing Machine , Benny Safdie (who just so happens to also be a part of the stacked Oppenheimer cast like the Oscar-nominated Blunt ), who will be directing without his brother, Josh, for the first time.
The new movie will see Johnson portray real-life MMA/UFC legend Mark Kerr during the prime of his career in 2000, when he was also dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues. Blunt, meanwhile, will star as Kerr’s wife, Dawn Staples, who will have lots of trouble as she attempts to figure out how she fits in her husband’s “chaotic and contradictory world.”
If you can still smell what The Rock is cooking, the scent coming off of this one kinda has the aroma of a potential Academy Award nominee already, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like a passion project to deliver the goods on the big screen, and Johnson has been working on getting this based-on-a-true-story tale off the ground since 2019, when he called Kerr’s life in and out of the ring “an incredible story” about someone who’d “gone through it all.”
It sounds like this film is going to be one for the books, and because Blunt and Johnson have finally found a cool project to reunite on, their fans now have something else to look forward to.



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