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the incredible cruise ship of the footballers’ wives SparkChronicles

No beer or alcoholic drinks, no effusions in public, no items of clothing that are not considered decent: they are many and quite strict the bans imposed by Qatar, the host country i World Cup just started football. It is therefore not surprising if many of the “wags”, the wives and girlfriends who accompanied the players of the various national teams, they preferred to follow the event from a little further away, taking refuge where the emir’s prohibitions do not apply: in international waters. In fact, a billionaire cruise ship has been docked off the coast of Doha for days, with dream services on board that seem to be dedicated above all to escorts and the families of football players.
It’s about the MSC World Europa, which was launched last November 13 in Doha and which will be nearby for the duration of the tournament. A luxurious state-of-the-art vessel where guests have access to a luxury experience with much less strict rules than on the mainland: on board you can drink alcohol, party and even stay in the pool in a bathing suit without hurting anyone’s sensibilities.
The luxury cruise with a green soul
The vessel has available 2633 cabins spread over twenty-two floors and is able to accommodate around 7000 people, in what is defined as an “ultra-modern metropolis”. Fueled by liquefied natural gas (the cleanest fossil fuel available on the market), World Europe is a real floating playgroundwith an amusement park on board, seven swimming pools, one of which with a sliding roof, a water park, an avant-garde kids club and a hilarious spiral slide to run down very fast along eleven high bridges. There is also everything you need to not get bored from a gastronomic point of view, with restaurants offering all kinds of specialties (from sushi to Italian, from steakhouse to Latin American dishes), and the Chef’s Garden Kitchen, the first hydroponic garden in sea ​​from which the chefs on board can get the vegetables they need.
At the disposal of the wags there is then all the privacy of the area Yacht Club, defined as a “ship within a ship”, with 152 luxury suites with a 24-hour butler and conciergea private sun terrace, pool and restaurant accessed by a sparkling glass staircase encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals.
In addition to the wags, the cruise hosts thousands of fans, who have thus had the opportunity to follow the World Cup without submitting to the imposed bans and without having to look for a hotel in a very small country (Qatar is slightly bigger than Abruzzo) which was suddenly stormed by tourists from all over the world. Although for now, in the eyes of the Western public, a freer cruise ship seems to be preferable.
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