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“The group is our strength, we know how to react! The break does not scare us” SparkChronicles

Juan Jesus spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports during the post game of Atalanta-Naples.
Juan Jesus interview
Juan Jesus commented the 2-1 of Napoli against Atalanta to the Gewiss Stadium. Here is what was highlighted by
“This group knows how to react. We have done our duty, that of bringing the three points home. We are in November and it is soon to settle the accounts, but we are on the right track, then in April and May we do the accounts. the strength of this team, whoever enters does well, like Elmas who made us win the game. I have always done mine and I thank Napoli for the opportunity and the trust they have given me. Does the break scare us? No, it’s also good because we rest, even with our heads. When we get back on the pitch we will start immediately with a thousand “.



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