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The first thing we all plan to do in EA Sports College Football 25

The return of College Football video games is so close we can almost taste it. Last week EA Sports unveiled their official trailer for EA Sports College Football 25 with a release date of July 19 — and it sparked our imaginations wondering how deep we’ll be able to go.
Naturally we’ll all jump into quick game first, just to get a feeling for things — but from there we have some wild plans for our first true mission inside the game. Here’s what we can’t wait to do.
Speedrun getting kicked out of Alabama — James Dator
The version of “Be a Pro” in College Football 25 is called “Road to Glory,” and it’s supposed to give a taste of arriving in a program, working hard, and forging a legendary career that results in becoming a top NFL Draft pick.
Unlike the typical loop of “practice, play, deal with a few random events” this mode also includes managing life as a student. From EA Sports’ press release on the game:
Road To Glory: Live the life of a student-athlete with your created player and take home the Heisman as you build an unforgettable college football legacy. Manage your weekly schedule, GPA, and your image, earn Coach Trust to get more playing time, or use the transfer portal to get the time and the glory you deserve.
I’m going to get kicked out of Alabama.
Fairly or unfairly, Alabama is seen as the paragon of “talent above everything” when it comes to college football. Sure, every school makes exceptions for talented players — but Bama seems to have made it an art. Now the question is: How far can that go?
If I do everything in my power to be the greatest player, but the worst human on the face of the earth what will it take to have the Crimson Tide decide I’m too much of a hassle. I will never study, I will flunk every exam, if there’s the option I’ll even spell my name wrong on the test.
I want my GPA to be as low as humanly possible, while also insulting my coach, destroying my off-field image, and basically only being good at football. The test will be to see how many week Alabama can endure my unfettered stupidity before they cut me loose and I end up in JUCO.
Starting a Dynasty where throwing the ball is viewed as a last resort
I’m going to do Road to Glory, of course, but the reason I’ve waited so long for this game is so I can run a college football program and bring them to the peak of the college football world. The only catch is, I’ll be doing it while trying to throw the ball as little as possible. Three things can happen when you throw the ball, two of them are bad, and I want my offense to know that we’re going to plow opposing defenses into the dirt on our way to the CFP title.
Who will I be playing as? I’m going to start off with South Alabama, and I’ll more than likely run the Liberty Pistol triple option offense, because the Pistol offense is one of the coolest things in the sport. I’m marching through the south, finding every guard that knows how to pull and a 240 pound running back and we are establishing the SHIT out of the run. If I find a mobile QB who can run with the ball? The Sun Belt will be South Alabama’s for as long as I choose to stay in Mobile. Defensively, I might run the three-safety defense that Iowa State uses, because I think it’s cool and works against the Mickey Mouse candy ass offenses we see today.
Go Jags, always and forever.
Restoring Navy to glory
The first thing I am going to do when EA College Football 25 drops, besides wishing my family a good rest of the summer?
The same thing I did with every other previous version.
Start a Dynasty with Navy.
The passing game may remain king in football today, at every level from the NFL down to your local high school on Friday night, but in my mind, the flexbone is king. Let me start recruiting every two- and three-star fullback I can find with the aim of running the triple option over and over and over again while handing my new thicc king the ball every chance I get on that initial read, B-back dive.
I do not know when this tradition started, but I have fond memories of finding glory with the Midshipmen. Including a dynasty with friends many years ago when I led Navy to a title, defeating my roommate — playing with the Florida Gators — in the title game. Those were the good old days … chomp this, Gators.
Sure at some point I will fire up Road to Glory and see if a 5’9 QB running a 4.65 40-yard dash can win the Heisman Trophy. But when this drops I’m wishing my family a wonderful July and August, and storming the college football landscape from Annapolis.
Anchors Aweigh.



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