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The Final 4 Teams Compete for a Spot in the Finale

Four teams are left in The Amazing Race 34, meaning there is only one more leg until the finale. At this point in the competition, any of the four pairs could win the $1 million grand prize. However, one won’t make it to the finale. Read on for a preview of The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11, which features the penultimate leg.
[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Amazing Race 34 Episode 10, “Don’t Look Down.”]
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss | Photo: CBS
A recap of ‘The Amazing Race 34’ Episode 10
The Amazing Race 34 Episode 10 showed the second half of the Megaleg in Spain. Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss were the first to leave Málaga but quickly got turned around. As a result, Luis Colon, Michelle Burgos, Aubrey Ares, and David Hernandez passed them on the drive to Ronda.
Luis and Michelle were the first to arrive at the Detour, and they had the choice of either laying bricks to form an arch or dressing a flamenco dancer. Of course, they chose the dancing challenge. Derek, Claire, Aubrey, and David were the next to get to Ronda, and they decided to continue working together in the dancing Detour.
After a few missteps, Luis and Michelle correctly dressed their dancer and received the next clue. Aubrey and David, grateful to Derek and Claire for helping them during the first half of the leg, assisted the Big Brother couple even after completing the Detour.
For the Roadblock, one racer had to cross a tightrope under the Puente Nuevo bridge above a gorge. Once they reached the other side, they had to remember the Andalusian flag they saw when they got their Detour clue.
Michelle volunteered to do the Roadblock, and she absolutely killed it. Since she loves heights, she was quickly able to complete the challenge. And Luis and Michelle reached the mat before the other teams even got to the Roadblock, earning them their third first-place finish.
Claire and Aubrey did the Roadblock, which was not the best strategy. They are both deathly afraid of heights — Aubrey cried while walking the tightrope, while Claire broke down when she returned to stable ground. In the end, they conquered their fears, grabbed the right flag, and made it to the pit stop. Aubrey and David came in second place, while Derek and Claire came in third.
At the back of the pack were Emily Bushnell, Molly Sinert, Marcus Craig, and Michael Craig. Once the teams finally got to Ronda, they chose different Detours. Emily and Molly did the dancing one while Marcus and Michael laid bricks. Emily and Molly finished before them, Emily completed the Roadblock, and the twins checked in to the pit stop in fourth place.
Marcus and Michael came in last place, and host Phil Keoghan informed them they had been eliminated from The Amazing Race 34.
The preview for ‘The Amazing Race 34’ Episode 11 teases the penultimate leg
The final four teams will travel from Spain to Iceland in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11. And the pair who arrives last at the pit stop won’t make it to the finale.
The preview depicts the racers flying in a helicopter, climbing a giant rock structure, jumping over a waterfall, and driving a Land Rover.
Sadly, the promo doesn’t reveal too much from the upcoming episode. However, it does show Emily limping and grimacing in pain. So her knee will continue to bother her during the penultimate leg.
Some roadblocks require more patience than others!? Catch the second half of the Mega Leg tonight at 9/8c on @CBS! #AmazingRace — The Amazing Race (@AmazingRaceCBS) November 23, 2022
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Which team won’t make it to the finale?
Given that the preview for The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 doesn’t give too much away from the penultimate leg, it’s difficult to say which team leaves. Of course, the safe option would be Emily and Molly, given Emily’s injury. However, they are resilient. And we wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to the finale.
After Luis and Michelle’s performance in episode 10, we can’t imagine a scenario where they don’t race in the final leg. They are a strong team with admirable love and respect for one another. We do not doubt that they will thrive in Iceland.
Derek and Claire are another powerful duo in the race. And we believe that what Claire went through in episode 10 will give them the push they need to make it to the finale.
That leaves David and Aubrey, who are the underdogs. Out of the final four teams, they are the only ones not to have a first-place finish. But they have continuously surprised us throughout the competition. So perhaps they will do so again.
The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11, “How Am I Going to Survive This?” airs Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.
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