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The film starts with Tony Cruz and he is ready for Real Madrid!

Fotbalistul Nemś This is a player who has probably joined Real Madrid. it’s almost 10 years Such as “Santiago Bernabéu”, which would lead the club to reach the finals. Cruz, his debut will be 34 years ago on January 4, 2024, as this is a problem at the moment and his contract pre-eligibility will be discussed with Real Madrid, with an agreement to be announced soon.
Insa, Kroos took pride in transferring to the Spectaculos during his first campaign in the Premier League. This is what Dorit urges Tottenham to do. In an announcement, in a step, a new day to survive more than a year, the decision to publish once again a private Egeria Getellore in Sezone.
Toni Kroos, a versatile player in the Premier League, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea
You continue to discuss the pre-contract agreement with Real Madrid, you will be there for the first time at the end of your contract, you will be in the Premier League, if you have signed with Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham before then you will be there for the first time at the club in Manchester. .
At Real Madrid, Toni Kroos has two weeks, more than a year, 430 awards, Champions League Cup for the club, Cup Mondial for the club, Super Cup for Europe, three leagues for Spain, three leagues for Spain And Cup for Super Cup.
In this case, it was 28 points and 92 points were decisive. Site-urine to evaluate expertise in German at a cost of 15 million euros.
Toni Cruz, legend of activity at Real Madrid
Orikam R Fi, unless Toni Kroos, “Los Blancos” or my office reached an agreement at the same time at the same time. When Modric took off in the last stage of his career, my Realului became a real energy source.
Camavinga (20 years old), Tchoumeni (23 years old) and Bellingham (19 years old) are Ancelotti’s former professionals who have been there for more than a year.
Tony Cruz, where we won in “El Clasico”
Real Madrid wins Barcelona in “El Clasico”, score 2-1, They were 11th in La Liga. At the beginning of the second day in a month, profits were made with the help of security forces, targeting Gundogan. Barcelona made it 2-0 in the first match, the central party agreed and played in the 11th minute.
In the second half, Real Madrid establish control over a maracat Jude Bellingham in 68 minutes, Take care of a great excellent person, who is far away from your life.
At the end of the day, England had to make it 2-1 on 90+2 minutes, so he took advantage where Luka Modric strayed to him and then he took a shot at the end of the game.
It ended 2–1, with Real Madrid returning to first place in La Liga with 28 points, tied with Verona on a win and a win.
Barcelona has three places, approximately 24 points and a distance from first place. The Catalan giants took the podium for the last time, and also added that Atletico Madrid (22nd) have at least two years left for their team in La Liga.



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