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The Best Of Aviation April Fools 2024

If you thought the airline industry was all about challenging operations, razor-thin margins, and competitive airfares, the April Fools’ Day every year is also a reminder that it has an appetite for humor. Here’s what cracked people up this year.
Emirates Residences
Emirates teased its A380 fans with the idea of super luxurious apartments, offering an in-flight experience. Not only will the tower have its own airport, we couldn’t help but notice that construction will begin on February ‘31’ next year.
WestJet MemorEase™
Holidays are fun! But do we need to take a real one? WestJet forced us to consider this existential question as people get increasingly busy in their lives. Why travel physically when WestJet can implant vacation memories directly into your brains with its revolutionary AI-powered MemorEase™ headset. We love that they trademarked the name, too.
Denver airport’s driveway to runway service
If you live within 45 miles of Denver International Airport (DEN) and have $99 to spare, it will send specially-trained divers to your driveway who will screen you and your bags and drive you directly to the airline gate. TSA was quite impressed and even asked DEN on Instagram whether it should add this as a PreCheck package option.
Solution to a stinky problem
Not a fan of people who rudely pass gas on a flight? (well, who is!) Ever wondered who let out that noisy one just to wake you up from your mid-flight siesta? Ever looked around the cabin to find the source of those dangerous, silent, stinky bombs (it’s usually the ones who avoid eye contact).
Photo: Thunderstock | Shutterstock
Travel deals platform HolidayPirates revealed that an unnamed European airline is trying to deal with passengers who like to unnecessarily share their flatulence with fellow travelers by installing thermal cameras inside its planes. More power to them!
TSA-inspired clothing
TSA cheekily introduced a line of clothing and other merchandise with witty slogans. So convincing was the presentation that many took the bait and clicked on the link to shop online.
easyJet Holibobs
easyJet ruffled a few feathers by compiling a list of not-so-loved phrases and words in a well-thought-out rebranding of easyJet Holidays to easyJet Holibobs. We’ll let the Chief Holibob Officer’s inspiring message do all the talking,
“…Whether you’re looking for a Summer holibob with your huns, a Chrimbo holibob with the hubby and famalam or a spring holibob with BAE – we have just the holibob to make your friends jelly. Amazeballs!”
Photo: Simone Previdi | Shutterstock
Frontier widebody planes
Carriers reserve big airshows to announce significant fleet restructuring, but coincidentally, Frontier Airlines chose April 1 to announce twice-weekly Bora Bora service on its ‘widebody’ planes.
Finnair’s juice replacement
Replacing a best-selling product would probably raise a few eyebrows, but that is exactly what Finnair did. Don’t be surprised if you’re served strawberry juice on your next Finnair flight instead of the usual blueberry. Quite a strategic move!
In your seat in 3 minutes, or else…
FlySafair is applying military-level precision to its efficiency, arming crew members with whistles to direct passengers to their seats and for disembarking, among other things. If you’re not in your seats in three minutes, you’ll be asked to offload luggage upon arrival. And they’re not kidding (or are they?)
Reserve your armrest at Jetstar
Offering timely departures and efficient service is just not enough these days. And to stay competitive, Jetstar has introduced the option of reserving your armrest for only $2. Whatever it takes to empower passengers to claim what’s rightfully theirs!
Which one of these was your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section below.



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