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The 88th Masters tournament week underway, fans react to unique experience

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WCSC) – A trip to The Masters is one patrons describe as an experience of a lifetime. The 88th Masters tournament gets underway this week at Augusta National Golf Club. Fans from near and far travel to experience the prestigious golf course.
For the Zamperetti family, it’s a trip they’ve dreamed of making for decades.
“My dad has been in the lottery for like 30 years I think and this is our first time winning,” Anna Zamperetti from Syracuse, New York, said. “My mom, my dad, my brother, and me and we’ve had a great time. We love the food, it’s been so fun. We’ve taken so many pictures.”
Robert Reckhow has been to The Masters before, but says the experience never gets old. He travelled from Atlanta, Georgia this year.
“There’s just nothing like it,” Reckhow said. “TV does not do it justice until you get here. It’s better than a movie set. It’s absolutely incredible.”
Willie Denson is from Nashville, Tennessee and came to the tournament for the first time on Tuesday.
“It’s like Disney for 40 year old men,” he said.
Mattew Stachowicz made the trip for the first time, travelling from Pensacola, Florida.
“I think it’s just the energy. The energy around here is crazy,” Stachowicz said. “Everyone’s buzzing. It’s like Disney world for golf.”
As patrons leave with lasting memories, they are always leaving with some hefty bags of Masters swag and gear. The bags can be seen filled polos and t-shirts with the iconic Masters logo, the highly sought after Masters garden gnomes, Christmas ornaments, coffee mugs, and other Masters themed items.
Practice rounds wrap up on Wednesday, before the first round of play is set to begin on Thursday morning.
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