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Suri Cruise Then & Now: Photos

Suri Cruise is 18! See how the daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes has grown up over the years in these photos.
Full-fledged adult! Suri Cruise has truly grown up right before our very own eyes. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, born April 18 2006, is a full blown teenager taking on New York City.
But before Suri was joining her pals on coffee runs and doing errands through the Big Apple solo, she was just a tiny tot who happens to be the daughter of two of the most famous people on the planet. Both Tom and Katie did their best to give Suri a normal life while also keeping things private. After the pair’s divorce, Suri spent a lot of time with her mom and the pair have been living in NYC. Over the years, fans have gotten to see Suri go from tiny tot, to little girl, and now a teenager.
Suri is often seen on long walks through the city with her mom. What’s most uncanny is just how much the pair look alike! To see more pictures of Suri’s transformation, click through the gallery!
1 of 30 Suri Cruise heads to lunch with a friend
2 of 30 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise wears a white dress for a morning stroll in New York City
3 of 30 Suri Cruise and a friend seen out and about in Manhattan
4 of 30 Suri Cruise & A Friend In NYC
5 of 30 Suri Cruise In NYC
6 of 30 Tom Cruise & family In Rome
7 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise At A Soccer Match
8 of 30 Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, & Suri Cruise At The New York Marathon
9 of 30 Suri Enjoys A Popsicle
10 of 30 Katie Holmes Takes Baby Suri To A Party
11 of 30 Katie Holmes Carries Suri In 2009
12 of 30 Tom Cruise Carries Suri At Super Bowl XLIV
13 of 30 Suri Cruise Has A Beach Day
14 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Enjoy Memorial Day In Malibu
15 of 30 Suri Cruise In 2011
16 of 30 Suri Cruise Carries A Doll
17 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Get Ice Cream In Miami
18 of 30 Suri Cruise Dons A Plush Coat
19 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Attend The American Ballet Theater Spring Gala
20 of 30 Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes Cuddle
21 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Get Iced Coffee
22 of 30 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Get Some Sun
23 of 30 Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Take A Walk
24 of 30 Suri Cruise Steps Out For Juice With A Friend In New York City
25 of 30 Suri Cruise Catches A Cab
26 of 30 Suri Cruise Strolls Around
27 of 30 Suri Cruise Poses For A Birthday Photo
28 of 30 Suri Cruise Celebrates Her 15th Birthday
29 of 30 Suri Cruise Walks Through The West Village



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