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“Suning should be thanked, he is honoring his commitments. A Ballon d’Or gift? Utopia for Inter.”

Guest at the ‘Gran Gala dal Calcio’, on stage in these minutes in Milan, Beppe Marotta dwelt with colleagues from Sky Sports to answer their questions, obviously starting with commenting on the rumors about an Inter sale relaunched today by Financial Tmes: “I can say that these are recurring rumors in these two years, but they shouldn’t distract us from a thanks to the Zhang family which has lavished around 800 million euros in recent years. In a difficult and critical moment in society they are continuing to honor their financial commitments to third parties in the best possible way, so we must be calm and focus only on sporting events. I can say that this is a situation that passes over my head, but we cannot fail to thank our property because up to now it has made us lack for nothing “.
Meanwhile, in Paris, the evening of the Golden Ball is being celebrated, and Paolo Condò offers the Inter man a gift: to take a player who is a candidate to win the trophy. “I would also take the losers, they are very important players but they are utopian situations for us – explains the manager from Varese -. I won’t give a name, there isn’t one, they are all good and the Ballon d’Or must be awarded to one, but I would assign it ex aequo to many. Whoever wins, wins with the minimum difference. I’d close my eyes and pick one at random. ”
Time for the Nerazzurri.
“The improvement path must continue, but the worst is over. It is as if we started with a visible handicap for which there is no explanation, the players were very good to join in the locker room and the coach was just as good. to compact the group and to ensure that we return to see that team that gave us satisfaction last season. If a pact was made in the locker room? This is a hard word, they lacked the necessary alchemy to win. re-appropriated and with great ability, he came out to reappear in a convincing way “.



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