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Strange or Cool? Will Minnesotans Understand These Sports Rituals

Minnesota is full of sports fans. The Vikings, The Twins, The Wild and The Timberwolves for sure. High School and College Hockey also has a tremendous amount of support.
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As a big-time sports fan, I love to see how spirited the fan bases are in Minnesota. Last Thursday, it was opening day, and the amount of people I saw wearing Twins gear and wishing each other a “Happy Opening Day” was very cool.
Each morning, I read an email newsletter called “The Morning Brew”, it’s an interesting read that features information on a number of different topics. And on Sunday, there was a section on “bizarre sports traditions” from readers schools.
I thought some of these are cool, what do you think?
New Hampshire Wildcats v Boston College Eagles Getty Images loading…
Hockey fans here in Minnesota might be able to relate to this one which comes from the University of New Hampshire. Whenever they score their first goal in hockey, a dead fish is thrown on the ice near the opposing team’s goalie.
2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final – Game Three Getty Images loading…
The story is that this is done because the fish will bring out Bears. Oh, by the way, UNH’s archrival is Maine. The Maine Black Bears.
A fan from the University of Washington chimed in with this tradition. The freshmen on the Men’s rowing team all shave their heads, and then use their hair to make a pillow that will represent their class. (Nobody really wants or needs to see a picture of that!)
I’ve got questions about this one, primarily who originally had this idea, and what led to this becoming reality?
For those of us who love college football, here’s three traditions that are really cool.
At Florida State, after every BIG win, the football program is said to cut out a small piece of the field (provided its grass) to keep as a physical memory of the win.
2023 ACC Championship – Louisville v Florida State Getty Images loading…
I spent six years broadcasting James Madison University Football and Men’s Basketball. When The Dukes score a touchdown in football, the fans throw purple and gold streamers.
Photo Courtesy: JMU Athletics Photo Courtesy: JMU Athletics loading…
This may not seem that bizarre, until you watch a fan base see this for the first time. Especially if they didn’t know it was coming.
Photo Courtesy: JMU Athletics Photo Courtesy: JMU Athletics loading…
And lastly, one of the most passionate college football fanbases in America is at Clemson. When The Tigers play on the road, they always bring with them a ton of Orange Clad fans.
Charleston Southern v Clemson Getty Images loading…
But the fans bring more than their orange attire, they also bring two-dollar bills with Tiger Paws stamped on them. This is a way the Clemson fans prove to the opposing team’s community the impact they had on the economy there.
Getty Images Getty Images loading…
And even if you didn’t go to the game, you’ll recognize the presence of the Clemson faithful.
I’m sure there are many other traditions out there, maybe even one you participate in. Just another reason to be a sports fan, you may not know why you do it, you just know as a fan of a certain team, that’s what you do.



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