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Sports Story finally makes its Nintendo Switch debut

Sports Story, a sports-based RPG for the Nintendo Switch made its long-awaited debut last week, arriving on the eShop for Nintendo Switch owners back on December 23. Just in time for Christmas. The game is now available in the eShop for the fairly low price of $14.99. If you happened to get any Nintendo eShop gift cards over the holidays, you have one more thing to spend them on now.
Initially, Sports Story was supposed to release in 2020. The game was delayed however due to the developers wanting to ensure that everything made it into the game. Prior to its planned 2020 release date developer Sidebar Games stated that it wanted to take some more time to work on the game. It had become “quite ambitious,” and no feature was to be left out. And after a two-year wait, it seems gamers have a lot to look forward to.
Sports Story for Nintendo Switch isn’t just about sports, it’s an all-out sporting adventure
So what’s an all-out sporting adventure you might ask? Well, for starters you aren’t just playing sports in this game. While that is the central theme, you’ll also get to “explore dungeons and abandoned ruins.” And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also mini-games you can play.
Sports Story features a wide range of different sports and sporting activities players can participate in. From golf to BMX to fishing. Although some sports will need to be unlocked first through gameplay. And if players are feeling a little beat after a good sports session, they can hang out at the mall with friends. From the trailer alone it actually looks like players have quite a bit to do.
So if RPG games are your thing then this seems like a nice casual one to play. The game appears to be available in a digital format only, so you will need to grab it from the eShop if you’re looking to give this a try.



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