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“Seriously, Where Is My Contract”: Former Strongman Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall Displayed Impressive Numbers in NFL Combine Simulation

Published 11/13/2022, 6:45 PM EST
Eddie Hall is a special athlete. “The Beast” won the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017 after placing third the previous year. Eddie has also won the Britain’s and UK’s Strongest Man title five times, and England’s Strongest Man title twice. However, Eddie went viral after deadlifting over 1000 lbs in 2014. Eddie also shared an iconic rivalry with Hafthor Bjornsson.
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After retiring from strongman, Eddie has been trying out different sports. His rivalry with Hafthor began at the World’s Strongest Man competition, but ended with a boxing match between the pair in 2021. Now, Eddie seems to have turned his attention to the NFL. In a recent YouTube video, Eddie tried something new.
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Trying his luck in the NFL
On October 23, Eddie Hall uploaded the video “Trying Out For The NFL!!!”. Former UK NFL players Christian Scotland-Williamson and Jack Crawford joined Eddie. The former strongman wanted to try The NFL Combine Test and had invited the former players to guide him through the test. Eddie had also uploaded a still from the video to his Instagram page and captioned the image, “Seriously, Where Is My Contract”.
The test began with a shuffling drill named 5-10-5. After a quick demo from Jack Crawford, the former strongman was ready to go. Eddie asked Jack about the record time for the shuffle drill and Jack said it was 3.81 sec. Hall did it in 5.15 sec and earned Jack’s admiration. “You move better than I thought you would”, said Jack.
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Next, Eddie tried the broad jump. This time, Crawford and Christian both showed Eddie the technique and gave some tips. After a few tries, Eddie landed an impressive 6.5 – 7 ft long jump. Hall then performed the 40 yard dash. Although Eddie is a big guy and doesn’t run regularly, he completed the dash in 5.73 sec. “That’s better than a lot of offensive linesmen in the NFL. Very impressive”, said Crawford.
Hall moved on to the tackling drill. However, the dummies were no match for Eddie as he knocked them down with ease. For the last challenge, Eddie needed to score a 20 yard goal. After missing once, Hall scored in his second attempt.
Eddie Hall almost equaled a combine record without trying
However, the former strongman didn’t perform the bench press test. Instead, he showed a clip from a video where he performed 44 reps with 100 kg (220.5 lbs). Jack said the record number of reps for the bench press test was 47. Eddie then explained he performed 44 reps on the bench press after a week of hard training.
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Although retired, Eddie almost equaled an NFL record without breaking a sweat.
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Do you think Eddie Hall would’ve succeeded as a linesman in the NFL? Give your thoughts in the comment section.



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