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Serie A on the verge of bankruptcy now has a saint in Heaven: no taxes and new stadiums, begging for Minister Abodi

When you are desperateyou just have to turn on a candle and devote oneself to some saint. Italian football hopes to have found one in paradise: the new Minister of Sport, Andrew Abodiknows the world of football well (in the past he was president of the B series, now he comes from the Sports Credit which collaborates with many clubs), will be sensitive to his needs. Or at least this is what the masters of football wish. Who have their shopping list ready: nothing taxes And new stages, billionaire alms that a movement failed and decadent demands from the state.
“A extraordinary news for Italian football “. “Ideal profile, safe warranty of skills and professionalism to encourage football reforms “. In the flood of congratulations, more or less sincere, which greeted the appointment of Abodi, in the very first row were Gabriele Gravina And Lorenzo Casinirespectively president of the Figs and of Serie A League, usually on opposite barricades and this time on the same wave line. Not by chance. The Italian football always tries political sides, the increase in requests is directly proportional to the worsening of the system conditions. Gravina, for example, has never even pretended to count on the support of Joseph ChinèFIGC prosecutor but also head of the Economics cabinet (in his first outing in Chigi, however, Giorgetti he did not take him with him, who knows if he will keep the double role in this legislature). Thus the appointment of the Minister of Sport was welcomed: Abodi has excellent relationships with everyone, starting with Gravina (who a few months ago had also supported him in the race for Serie A), except perhaps with Claudio Lotito (that that race has it barred, as already in 2017 for the FIGC). And everyone is hoping for help, favors, an eye for attention.
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There is one date in particular that haunts the Serie A presidents: the December 16 the suspension of Irpef payments And contributions granted to sports clubs in Covid period. For months, several teams did not pay the state owed, but they continued to spend And Do market, distorting the championship (and also disrespecting the citizens). Now i defaulting club they should Weld the arrears all together. A huge, gigantic one folder tax collectionwhich according to what appears a Daily fact at the last survey carried out in June (at the time of registration for the championship) it amounted to approximately 500 million eurosbut they could also be increased in the last months. Money that many patrons simply do not have: Serie A (but also the lower categories and other disciplines) are likely to blow up. Precisely for this reason the presidents are terrified, but deep down they are also convinced that the government will not be able do not grant an extension. The pressures had already begun on the Draghi executive and will now turn on Abodi (come on Giorgetti to the Economy, where the covers are to be found).
The other big theme is that of stages and of Euro2032. The candidacy to the Europeans is the personal match of n. 1 of the FIGC, Gravina: he desperately needs it to make people forget the fool exclusion from the World Cup and also to settle down for the future (if the event were assigned to Italy it would have an insured place in the Committee). But Europeans necessarily mean new stadiumsa godsend for Serie A, which discounts the infrastructural deficit and dreams amazing speculations with the excuse of the implants. Italy has proven to be incapable of modernize its structures, because of the bureaucracy but often also of the gods inadequate projects introduce yourself. With the Europeans and the State (and its guarantees) in the middle, everything would probably change, as the president of Coni has also stressed several times, John Malagò (always in the front row when it comes to big events). Abodi, who worked on the facilities at Credito Sportivo for years, would be the perfect minister to carry out the dossier. Here the deadlines are even closer: by November 16 serves the letter of commitment of the government, then in the spring the economic and legal guarantees.
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Let’s also put in some other small regulatory intervention (the modification from Melandri law on tv rights to abolish the three-year constraint for contracts with broadcasters, perhaps a go-ahead for the sponsors of betting) and the balloon shopping list for the new Meloni government is done. As far as he comes from that world, however, Abodi will be the minister of all sport and not just football. It is no coincidence that his very first words were not for the A league oi big eventsbut for the base: “We are in a difficult phase, at this moment we need to think about weaker“. Almost a warning to sailors: in the end he cannot always pay Pantalone.
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