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The Aurora Borealis took everyone’s breath away when it hit the northern hemisphere this past weekend. The bright pink, violet, and green lights were a cosmic show rivaling all others. While the Northern Lights were a thing of eternal beauty to behold for some, for others, it turned out to be a curse. One of the cursed was Patrick Mahomes‘ half-sister Zoe Mahomes, who took to Instagram to voice her frustration after missing an important event due to the geomagnetic storm that caused the Aurora Borealis. Zoe Mahomes is a soccer enthusiast who plays for the Dallas FC.
Today, Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister took to her Instagram stories to share that a soccer match between Sting Black and Sting Ray had been canceled. The match-up was postponed due to rains consequent to the solar storm that resulted in Aurora Borealis. While Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s daughter participated in the semi-finals, her appearance in the finals was jeopardized because of the unexpected shower. But how did this phenomenon take place?
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Geomagnetic storms are caused by activity on the sun’s surface. When billions of tonnes of plasma erupt from the sun’s surface and travels to the Earth, it disrupts the magnetic field of our planet. This disruption presents itself as the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. Whether the rains that canceled Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister’s soccer match were a direct result of the Aurora or not, is a fact unknown.
However, the solar storm did reach Texas, as the Aurora Borealis was caused by a one-of-its-kind phenomenon that increased its reach. While Zoe Mahomes might not have been able to win her trophy because of the terrible weather conditions that ensued after the solar storm, there is no doubt that this setback will not stop her from being a star athlete like her half-brother Patrick Mahomes.
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Zoe following in the footsteps of half-brother Patrick Mahomes
With a father who used to be a baseball player and a half-brother currently dominating the NFL, it is no surprise that Zoe Mahomes is a sports lover who excels at football. Even Mia, Patrick Mahomes’ other sister, is a sports lover making waves as a basketball player. Zoe Mahomes was welcomed by the Chiefs’ star quarterback’s father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., with another partner after he split from Randi Mahomes. Zoe Mahomes has always celebrated her brother, and she also posted a congratulatory post for Patrick Mahomes after he led the Kansas City Chiefs to their Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by ZoeMahomes (@zoemahomes)
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As her brother Patrick Mahomes continues to dominate football, Zoe is no less of a star with her training videos going viral on social media. She aspires to be like Messi one day and seems to have the power in her legs to back up that claim. Only time will tell how good of a soccer player Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister will make as she grows up, but till then, one has to appreciate her love for the game and her effort to excel at it.



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