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Rogue nation, a set full of accidents for Tom Cruise SparkChronicles

Mission impossible – Rogue nation is the umpteenth chapter of the saga played by Tom Cruise which will be broadcast tonight at 21.19 on Italia 1.
Mission impossible – Rogue nation, the plot
Rogue nation kicks off from where the fourth chapter of the saga left off: when IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) discovers the trade in nerve gas by a terrorist group known only by the name of Syndicate. A threat that until then had managed to go unnoticed by CIA agents, but which has now entered the crosshairs of Ethan Huntwhich aims to destroy the terrorist cell before it’s too late.
Soon, however, the man discovers that he is not dealing with “simple” terrorists, but with a group of renegade spies, who therefore have such training as to make them even more dangerous. Without being able to rely on his organization or the CIA – which cut him off and asked him to hide – Ethan decides to create his own team together with his colleague William (Jeremy Renner) and the spy Isla (Rebecca Ferguson). But the threat is indeed more dangerous than expected.
The incidents on the set of Tom Cruise
As happened in every film in the saga of Mission impossibleTom Cruise has always insisted on making his own stunt and not resort to any stunt double. Just as happened in Mission impossible: ghost protocol, when the actor “climbed” the Burj Khalifa tower, also in Mission impossible – Rogue nation the actor has shown that he wants to overcome his own limits. As reported by the website ofInternet movie database, Tom Cruise made the sequence in which he is on the floor of an airplane in flight – specifically, an Airbus A400M – without the use of special effects or doubles. The scene took place at about 1525 meters high: Tom Cruise’s will was therefore to surpass himself and what he had done when he had climbed the tallest building in the world in the fourth chapter of the saga.
When Tom Cruise confessed his intention not to use stunts during the scene, there were many objections both in terms of safety and the actual performance of the film. Because of the birds in flight and the strength of the wind at that altitude there were real risks that Tom Cruise would try to make a dangerous scene for nothing, with the possibility that the shots would be disturbed by the elements of nature. As reported IMDB, to circumvent these problems, a sort of anti-wind frame was mounted for the camera mounted on the left wing of the plane. Another problem was instead that of allowing Tom Cruise to keep his eyes open, which is always very difficult because of the wind, but also of flying particles. This problem was solved by his ophthalmologist who created special lenses that were intended to protect the eyeball so that there were no accidents during the shooting.
During the shoot, however, Tom Cruise was really injured. During the scenes – that the director Christopher McQuarrie he tried to do it as fast as possible, he was so worried about his star – the actor was hit in the body by a flying stone. According to IMDB Tom Cruise allegedly claimed that the impact had been so strong that he believed he was brutally injured and did not have the courage to look where he was hit once he got back to earth. However, the injury was not serious: the stone was trapped in the clothes, and Cruise was surprised to find that it was indeed small.



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