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Paddy Pimblett Goes Off on Joe Rogan After Viral Reaction to UFC 282 Controversy: “I’m Pretty P*ssed Off”

Published 12/12/2022, 3:26 PM EST
Paddy Pimblett is one of the brightest prospects of the UFC. The Englishman has shown incredible in-octagon skills and a robust out-of-the-octagon persona from the very beginning of his UFC career.
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He receives huge pops from the crowd right from the time when his entry theme starts playing. ‘The Baddy’ was drafted for the co-main event of UFC 282 after a prolonged contract dispute with the promotion.
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Pimblett also managed to secure a victory over his opponent via a unanimous decision. But, a lot of noted fight personalities and fans came up with their opinion that the victory was incorrectly awarded to Pimblett.
The UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, also called it a close fight, and Pimblett was disgusted by it.
Pimblett replied to Joe Rogan instantly that to him, it wasn’t a close fight. ‘The Baddy’ implied that he had won the fight comfortably enough.
Paddy Pimblett also talked about his reply to Joe Rogan on a post-event interview
Post the UFC 282, Pimblett was also interviewed about his bout against Jared Gordon by the noted MMA coverage reporter ‘Aaron Bronsteter’. ‘The Baddy’ vented out his annoyance at the people failing to see his clear victory against Gordon. He also was visibly irritated by Rogan calling his bout “a close one”.
HOUSTON, TX – MAY 15: Joe Rogan at UFC 262 on May 15, 2021, at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
In his interview with Bronsteter, Pimblett also compared the faces of him and Gordon in justification of his victory. He showed a minor cut he sustained inside his mouth and compared it to Gordon’s face, which at one time was leaking blood.
He said, “A little cut inside. But look at my face. And look at his face. There’s a big difference. I can’t believe”.
He then moved on to the Joe Rogan chapter and said, “I’m pretty pissed off, to be honest, like Joe Rogan come in and say that was a close fight”. He also stated, “What do you want about that was a close fight?”. Like the previous time, he once more revolted against ‘the former martial artist’.
Paddy Pimblett expressed disgust at the ones who viewed Jared Gordon as the winner
It’s pertinent to note that apart from the general fans, a lot of personalities well-versed in MMA including Joe Rogan, had also criticized the unanimous decision of the octagon-side judges. Noted MMA coverage personality
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Ariel Helwani, the famed MMA coverage house, Pimblett’s opponent, Jared Gordon, and many more had decided to speak against the decision of the judges which crowned Pimblett as the victor.
But, ‘The Baddy’ also fired at them in his interview stating, “Is everyone been smoking proper heavy kushes on? What’s everyone about?“
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While Pimblett sees no reason why a lot of fans and pundits are turning against the decision which awarded him a victory. On the other hand, a majority of fans are still in question as to why the decision went in ‘The Baddy’s’ favor.
What do you think? Was Joe Rogan right to call the fight a close one?



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