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Olympics Drug Test Faces Challenge From Enhanced Games Post Transgender Athlete Sadie Schreiner’s Win: “Make Sport Finally Fair”

Ahead of the Paris Olympics, the participation of transgender women athletes in women’s sports, and vice versa, has ignited a significant debate in sports. In this fight, athletes like Riley Gaines and others have been at the forefront to protect women’s rights in women’s sports. Adding to this ongoing discussion, on May 4, 2024, Sadie Schreiner, a transgender college runner, made headlines by winning three events at the Liberty League championship meet.
She achieved a time of 55.07 seconds in the 400 meters and 24.14 seconds in the 200 meters. However, according to Fox News, these scores at the competition would have placed her last in the men’s races at the meet. But these times set new school records in the women’s category.
Schreiner also contributed to the 4×400 relay team’s victory by running the anchor leg. Despite being in fourth place when Schreiner received the baton, she ran the fastest anchor leg of the race, clocking in at 54.91 seconds. This win has reignited the debate about the perceived unfair advantage that trans women may have over biologically female athletes. In response to this ongoing discussion, the controversial Enhanced Games has proposed a solution to the debate.
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Enhanced Games challenges the Olympics’ drug testing standards
In a post on X regarding transgender athlete Sadie Schreiner’s victory in the D3 college track meet in the women’s division, American billionaire and founder/CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, Bill Ackman, shared his thoughts on the controversial topic of transgender women athletes competing in women’s sports. Ackman raised a point, questioning the fairness of allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports.
He argued that if female athletes are screened for testosterone because male hormones can provide an unfair advantage, then allowing transgender women to compete could similarly lead to unfair competition. He questioned the logic behind the Olympic Drug Test, asking, “How then can we allow trans females to compete in women’s sports?” Ackman’s question shed light on the inconsistency, as both scenarios could potentially create an uneven playing field.
He further wrote, “What is the best argument for allowing trans females to compete in women’s sports, but disallowing women to use performance-enhancing drugs in the same contest?” In response to his question, the official account of the Enhanced Games replied, stating, “The simple answer is to level the playing field and allow all athletes, men and women, to use the best available performance enhancements and make sports finally fair.”
Additionally, the Enhanced Games shared a startling statistic, stating that 44% of elite athletes had used banned PEDs in the past year, yet only 1% were caught shedding light on a serious concern about fairness. As we reflect on this solution given by the Enhanced Games, let us see how Sadie Schreiner has received criticism and how she has responded to this criticism.
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The backlash Sadie Schreiner has received and her response
Sadie Schreiner’s victory at the Liberty League championship meet (Division III) sparked a heated debate online among sports fans. In a post on X, an account called Travis Media Group shared how her victory was unfair: “Instead, she competed against women and took trophies away from them. When will this madness end?”
Amid the backlash, in an Instagram post, Sadie Schreiner acknowledged the debate and expressed her belief that she doesn’t have an “automatic advantage” as a biological male. She argued that the inclusion of transgender athletes in sports shouldn’t be up for dispute, and as more research is conducted, there is evidence that transgender athletes like herself don’t have an unfair advantage.
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Schreiner further said that her medication was the only significant change in her nine years of running. She stated, “Out of all the hate that’s been shared of me, ‘cheater’ is the most common word used…” Schreiner pointed out that policies are being changed without sufficient research.
Furthermore, Sadie Schreiner pointed out the importance of listening to the experiences of transgender athletes and advocating for their voices to be included in the conversation. As we reflect on this debate, what are your thoughts about the situation and Enhanced Games’ solution? Comment below!



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