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NYC’s Union Square Travel Agency weed dispensary

Budding biz is toking it easy
Arana Hankin-Biggers. Fancy name. President of another fancy name — the Union Square Travel Agency cannabis dispensary.
Said Arana: “I’ve used cannabis since high school. My sensitive constitution doesn’t like alcohol — so cannabis helped. But the work license to sell in New York is a complicated process. We’re the third licensed in New York State.
“Our majority is people of color. Mainly black or brown men. My grandmother’s cousin was the first black woman in New York State to receive a liquor license. She operated a Harlem liquor store for 30 years.
“This state has a cap of 3 ounces per transaction. There’s different strains for different uses. Some give energy. Some put you to sleep, reduce nausea, induce creativity. It’s not one fit for all. Largest market are women over 65. And our staff goes through a week of intensive training.
Union Square Travel Agency president Arana Hankin-Biggers told The Post that the dispensary is just the third licensed one in New York state. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
“A colleague who’d worked with cannabis brought me in during the pandemic. We’re 13th and Broadway. Owned primarily by people of color. Since many states have legalized it for medical or adult use, we know the tides are turning.”
Yeah? Well, not me. I don’t favor that stuff and I’m not visiting your website.
“Listen, we deliver to the five boroughs. We can even drop some off for you. It’s tricky. No signs that say what our delivery guys are carrying. Our average customer’s mid-30s or 40s. Top education. Troubles sleeping or some pain, inflammation or anxiety issues. We’re very high end.”
Cannabis products available at Union Square Travel Agency. Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
I thanked her and said when I want a high-end store I’ll go to Bergdorf.
Flyers beware
Attention: Not all rats are four-legged.
To make up for leaner days some airlines are taking people for a ride.
Redoing their free “miles” benefits. Charging extra for certain suitcases.
To change a ticket for another flight two passengers in Europe got charged $10,000 each. An Evian? It’s 5 euros.
France, often less than charming to traveling Americans, is the most expensive ever.
Deep thoughts
“The Cottage,” which is housed at the Helen Hayes Theatre, is a stiff upper lip veddy Brittttish comedy directed by the very American Jason Alexander.
A scene from the Broadway play “The Cottage” directed by Jason Alexander. Joan Marcus
The audience loved it. Obviously, Jason loved it. I nearly almost loved it.
Plus, a quote from Jay Leno: “Monogamous couples live longer. And cheaters who don’t get caught live longer than cheaters who do get caught.”
Metropolis to wasteland
New York. Edging back to our bad days of the ’70s.
Heavy-duty players, big taxpayers left. Businesses shuttering. People not strolling the avenues.
To pay for these migrants we’ll increase taxes or they won’t be able to maintain the level of services.
And thus — THIS! — is where and what the newborns of tomorrow are going to face?
The dregs, the remnants of what was once the world’s capital city? Where everyone this side of ’Oumuamua wanted to come.
And this is what Biden and his son who suffers from arithmetic Alzheimer’s have done?
So this guy’s engine cuts out on the LIE. A cop roared at him: “You’re blocking traffic. Can’t you go faster?” The guy: “Yeah. Sure. But I don’t want to leave the car.”
Only in New York, kids, only in New York.



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