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Nearly 30 Silverseas cruise passengers fall ill with diarrhea at sea

This vacation stinks.
Nearly 30 people aboard a luxury cruise liner known for its phenomenal cuisine have fallen ill thanks to a gastrointestinal outbreak that swept through the ship.
At least 28 of the Silver Nova ship’s 633 guests and one of its crew members reported feeling sick during their 16-day voyage from Peru, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.
Nearly 30 people fell sick aboard a 16-day Silver Nova voyage. Silversea Cruises
The group all reported one main symptom: diarrhea.
The cause of the outbreak — which has impacted roughly 5% of the ship’s passenger population — is still unknown, but the CDC notes that norovirus outbreaks are primarily caused by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.
The Silver Nova is Silversea Cruises’ newest liner and among its most luxurious.
Introduced in 2023, the Silver Nova boasts butler service for every suite, one crew member for every 1.3 guests and “outstanding gastronomy” — it even welcomed “Top Chef’s” Nina Compton to its ranks at the end of last year.
Silversea Cruises boasts that the Silver Nova is known for its “outstanding gastronomy.”
The ship includes multiple kitchens, grills and even an interactive space where guests can cook with Compton.
To quell the spread of the stomach bug, Silversea Cruises reportedly quarantined its impacted passengers and crew member and “increased cleaning and disinfection procedures,” the CDC said.
“The health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit are our top priority,” a spokesperson for Silversea Cruises told The Post in a statement.
“To maintain an environment that supports the highest levels of health and safety onboard our ships, we implement rigorous cleaning procedures, many of which far exceed public health guidelines.”
The outbreak was reported one day before the “Easter” themed cruise was scheduled to end.
The 11-deck cruise ship started its journey in Callao-Lima, Peru, on March 31 and is set to end on April 16.
Prices for the 16-day excursion started at $11,700 for a double occupancy room, according to CruiseMapper.
The Silversea Cruises outbreak marks the fourth this year — including one that saw 104 become infected aboard a Holland America Line ship and more than 130 people on Cunard Cruise Line’s Queen Victoria struck down by a bout of diarrhea and vomiting in February.
Norovirus was the cause of the three preceding outbreaks.
In 2023, the CDC logged a jaw-dropping 14 cruise ship outbreaks.



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