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Much Like Deion Sanders Did With Jackson State College Football, a New Ray of Hope Shines Through in HBCU Gymnastics

Published 11/24/2022, 3:15 PM EST
HBCU is the pride of the African American community. Not only have they created a mark in the academic world, but are now creating one in the sports world too.
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Over the years, they have created a safe space, especially for people of color, to pursue their education. Now, with the growing popularity and success of HBCU sports, they are achieving new milestones in the sports arena.
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Once again, HBCUs are set to make history
In today’s time, gymnastics is a popular sport. While it was predominantly perceived as a white-person sport in America, recent times have seen several people of color take the reins. Riding onto its coattails, Fisk University is all set to launch its gymnastics team this January.
With the team’s debut, Fisk University will become the first HBCU with a gymnastics team. This will give them a spot in the history books of the HBCU’s sports lineage. The upcoming gymnastics program would compete in the NCAA. “It’s something that was long overdue. Every place we are going will be Division I. We are going to compete against some D II schools as well at multi-team meets,” said head Coach Corrinne Tarver. She further added, “We’re creating a blueprint for those to come behind us.”
HBCUs have been home to some great coaches like Eddie Robinson. The star coach of today’s time is the NFL coach, Deion Sanders. His influence and effect on HBCU sports has been massive.
The ‘Deion Sanders effect’ on HBCU
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No one can deny the impact of Deion Sanders’ on the HBCU sports community since his transition from TCHS to Jackson State in 2017. As the head coach of the team, Sanders trains his players not only to win the game but to make a career out of it.
GLENDALE, AZ – DECEMBER 10: CBS analyst Deion Sanders on the sidelines during the NFL game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 10, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Off-field Sanders has improved the HBCU’s media standing and public image. “If you talk about the social media impact and just a publicity impact, it’s in the 10s of millions,” said JSU’ President Thomas K Hudson about Sanders.
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This has brought the attention of aspiring athletes, networks, scouting agents, and sponsors on HBCU football in particular and the entire HBCU Community in particular. This, in turn, has given rise to the funds and opportunities for the entire HBCU sports fraternity, one such example being the upcoming gymnastics team.



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