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Meta Quest software update adds a better way to watch Netflix and a travel mode

Meta’s rolling out a small spring/summer update for the Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets. There’s nothing too major here, but there are some small improvements for regular users.
The biggest news is a new and better way to watch Netflix content. There’s long been a standalone Netflix app available for Quest headsets, but it maxes out at 480p and is generally considered to be, well, crappy. Once updated, you’ll be able to watch Netflix directly from the built-in browser. This offers a much-improved experience, with the option to view content in high resolution.
This browser-based version of Netflix isn’t just for better-looking content. The web app also offers the choice between a flat 2D virtual screen and a simulated theater view. Fake movie theaters are one of the best parts about VR , so this is welcome news.
Meta announced a dedicated travel mode a few weeks back, but the update brings it to everyone. This is a system mode primarily for air travel, as it tunes the headset’s algorithms to adjust for airplane jostling. The headset will automatically connect to in-flight Wi-Fi and will be available to play anything stored on the device, in addition to movies and TV shows offered by the airline.
The company has entered into a partnership with Lufthansa to offer Quest 3 headsets to people on select business class flights. Of course, you’ll have to be comfortable wearing a giant thing on your face while surrounded by strangers, but you do you.
The rest of the update pertains to existing apps. Beat Saber is getting five free new tracks and the fitness app Supernatural is getting a mixed-reality mode, but only on Quest 3 (for obvious reasons.) Meta has also announced that another trailer for the Quest 3 exclusive Batman: Arkham Shadow will drop on June 7 as part of Summer Game Fest.
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