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LIVALL Showcases Smart Helmets For Cyclists And Commuters At Pepcom Holiday Shopping Preview Event

Global smart life brand LIVALL released the world’s first smart sports cycling helmet in 2015. Since then, the company has received more than 180 patents around the world and been recognized by 50 design awards programs. In 2018, LIVALL was awarded the ISPO Global Design Award and Product of the Year Award. Since then, the design team has continued to add new products to its range of smart helmets, adding new and improved protections for commuters, skiers, and e-bike and e-motorcycle riders.
At this year’s Pepcom Holiday Preview event for U.S.-based journalists, LIVALL demoed four exciting smart life products that will be at the top of holiday shopping lists this year. The EVO21 helmet delivers true 360° safety coverage, with a brake warning light and turn signals visible in all directions. It also features a lighter design and 30% greater ventilation. The helmet’s GPS-enabled SOS safety feature sends a text message alert to your pre-programmed contact in the event of an emergency.
The BH51M Neo is redefining bike safety with front and back warning lights that protect the wearer from threats in all directions. Built-in gravity acceleration sensors identify strong deceleration and draw attention to the rider with front and rear illumination for eight seconds. Wearers can listen to GPS navigation prompts through built-in speakers connected to a smartphone, while keeping their eyes on the road.
The Bling Helmet BH62 Neo is designed for safer bicycling, skateboarding, roller skating, and hoverboarding. It features integrated smart lighting and adaptive technology to improve visibility in any conditions. LED turn signals can be operated by handlebar remote control, ensuring riders keep their eyes on the road and hands where they’re meant to be.
Also showcased at the event, the LTS21 Open Ear is the world’s first detachable open ear headphones. The must-have gadget from LIVALL combines superior sound quality with a more comfortable wear, and features noise cancellation, Bluetooth connection, and 60 hours of battery life.
Every smart life product from LIVALL must pass strict technical and safety certifications. The company’s first smart helmet featured industry-changing safety features, and LIVALL’s design team hasn’t stopped reaching for the stars. In fact, LIVALL was the first brand to include turn signals in its helmets, as well as accident SOS alerts. These important bicycle safety innovations were launched by LIVALL more than two years before other global competitors. Today, LIVALL’s safety features are designed to make commuting and riding as safe as possible. To protect your loved ones this year, consider adding a LIVALL- designed helmet to your holiday shopping list.



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