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Lexington Two schools add metal detectors to stadiums, arenas

Metal detectors will be placed at all venue entrances, officials said.
WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — A new safety measure is being implemented in one Lexington County school district at some of its largest sports venues – and the plan begins on Monday.
According to a statement released by Lexington County School District Two on Sunday, metal detectors will be used regularly at the district’s stadiums and arenas to screen spectators.
While the change won’t mean spectators will have to remove belts, clothing hats, or shoes, they will be asked to return prohibited items to their vehicles if the detectors uncover them.
“These items are part of the district’s continuing commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and community members,” the school district stated in a question-and-answer document shared with Sunday’s announcement.
The district goes on to say that there will be metal detectors at every entrance to games and that gates will open an hour before the games begin to allow people to get through the entrance process in time. Fans will need to go through the metal detectors one at a time.
Fans who don’t wish to go through the walk-through metal detectors will have the option to be searched using a handheld version. Those who don’t wish to be searched with those will need to inform a member of gate security who will, in turn, notify law enforcement.
The district said it ultimately has the right to refuse entry to fans who don’t comply with its security policies.
Additionally, clear bag policies will remain in effect for spectators.
According to the school district, prohibited items include:



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