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LeBron, Neymar, and Mahomes: The best sports skins in Fortnite

Fans of popular video games can enjoy playing sports stars in a fun experience.
fortnite It is already the most played game in the world and its different modes, shooter gameplay has become a favorite and being able to play with your favorite characters is an advantage that makes the experience even more interesting.
Historically, the world of sports has seen the emergence of very specific skins for characters that we have certainly never imagined in such video games, and now they are among the most commonly used skins by gamers. Here we leave you with the favorite skins for sports people.
patrick mahomes
Two-time champion of the event National Football Leagueone of the most purchased characters at the time, two different styles of presentation, and a very special gesture of QB kansas city chiefs.In recent days and after winning super bowl, Mahomes Has appeared widely in different game modes fortnite.
LeBron James, Mahomes, Neymar, and Lewis Hamilton have all received skins in the Fortnite game. ESPN
LeBron James
lebron It is one of the most popular skins, and the “King” skin is also one of the most popular skins among users, plus the package also includes its already featured “silencer”. LeBron. Let’s remember there are 4 versions lebron exist fortnite And they’re on sale all the time.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Greek ‘god’ coming in 2022 fortnite Its skin is without a doubt one of the most beautiful you can own, as the in-depth details about Greek culture will leave you speechless.Giannis is the second basketball player to collaborate with fortnite.
Naomi Osaka
The tennis player came to the store a few years ago and has two styles that are very different from what we are used to, because strangely she is not wearing the clothes of a tennis player, but special clothes from Japan.
Everything you need to know about eSports Discover all things video games on ESPN.
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lewis hamilton
He was the last great athlete to fit into the store and now he declares he leaves mercedesbecame fashionable again. hamilton It comes in two styles, as well as the famous dog Roscoe, which comes in the form of a backpack.
brazilian football star He is one of the most popular characters because of his colorful clothes. Furthermore, it is available for free and in order to obtain it, users have to compete to win trophies.
For you, which one is your favorite?



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