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“Just Red With Blood”: Poisonous Stingray Attack Turned Surfing Experience Into a Nightmare for a Perth Surfer in 2019

Published 12/30/2022, 2:30 PM EST
Surfing is emerging as one of the most exciting sports. In 2019, an event at a beach in Perth made people think about the other dangers of surfing when the WA post published an encounter with a stingray incident. In fact, it would not be wrong to assume that Homo sapiens have long left the food web dynamics, and therefore, venturing into the mean seas has repercussions that may result from the unpredictability of the waves or unforeseen onslaught by sea predators.
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Among the unfortunate rise of surfing incidents, the 2019 record cost a surfer to witness himself literally fall prey to a sea carnivore in Australia reminds the harsh realities of a man in the wild!
A simple surfing session turned into a medical emergency
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An Australian surfer, James Taylor was surfing in the water at Mullaloo Beach in Perth. The surfer was playing with the waves and went into the water which has a thick patch of seaweed. As the surfer came back to the surface, he felt a sudden sting on his face.
Within a few seconds, it turned into excruciating pain. Before he could realize what happened, he saw blood coming out from his face. As per the news covered in the WA post, “I had a black wetsuit on, but it was just red (with blood),” he said. However, he didn’t instantly know that the cause of the bleeding was a stingray hit.
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Taylor never saw the creature but sensed that the injury should not be taken lightly and managed to surf to the shore. His aid took immediate action and cleaned the wound. “He was fantastic, he did first aid on me and wrapped me up pretty good,” Taylor said. The surfer was then taken to higher medical care. Shortly after, doctors confirmed that he was out of danger.
The rise in accidents on beaches
While the world is seeing a mass influx of people taking up surfing sports, earnest revisits to making the sport a safe sport may be required. In fact, there have been frequent shark attack incidents across the globe. A similar incident was recorded on another beach in Perth when a 15-year-old boy fell into the jaws of the vicious creature. Bryce Hickman was recently surfing in Mandurah’s surf break when a shark fin poked his surfing board and made him lose his balance.
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There have been many advisory committees that have regularly advised beachgoers to take precautionary measures, it would be crucial to see how modern surfing augments itself as not just an exciting but a safe sport too.
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