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Joe Rogan Unmasks ‘Poster Boy’ Tom Cruise’s Affect on His Religious Choices- “Big Allure”

Joe Rogan is back with his #2102 episode of his famous JRE podcast. This time around, the UFC color commentator invited Will Storr for a lengthy chat. Storr is a former journalist and author of several books. Known for his ability to indulge in varied topics, Rogan, this time, brought up the topic of religion.
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While speaking to Storr, the 56-year-old shared his thought process on the whole. He also mentioned a Hollywood superstar who almost tricked him into following a particular stream of thought. Let us find out what Rogan had to say on his journey with religion.
Joe Rogan nearly joined a famous Hollywood cult because of Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise is one of the biggest Hollywood actors of the current generation and has a massive fan following. People are drawn to him for the incredible things he does on the screen. Rogan, in his recent podcast, shared how he was tempted to follow the same religious path as the Mission Impossible star. Talking about religion, the 56-year-old mentioned how he felt that following a particular religion would help him become successful. However, he also stated that he finally decided not to.
While speaking to the author Rogan said:” So I ordered this book and they never stopped sending me things. But then part of me was like, damn, a lot of these have done very well in Hollywood. Maybe that’s a good cult join. Maybe if they just let me be me. Cause it seems like part of it. There was a big allure, where a lot of successful people were following that religion. I mean some of the most successful actors. Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors of all time. And he literally is the poster boy for that.”
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Rogan is famous for giving opinions on different matters and speaks his heart out. The JRE host is also famous for bringing up guests from different professions. He recently invited Dr. Phil for a chat and discussed a variety of topics. During the conversation, Rogan shared his thought process about the Universal Basic Income Theory. What does the UFC color commentator feel about this scheme?
Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on the Universal Basic Income Theory
Under The Universal Basic Income scheme, the government of a country ensures that each citizen of a country gets a minimum monthly wage. In theory, this scheme helps in eradicating income disparity by handing out help to its citizens. However Rogan feels this makes the people lazy rather than working hard for their dreams. While speaking to Dr. Phil, he clearly seemed upset by the whole concept. He said: “I think that was a really good idea until I saw what people did when they got the cheques in the pandemic. They did not want to go back to work and the beautiful part of the idea is that if you give money to people for food and shelter then they can pursue their dreams.”
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Rogan further added: “But how many people are we going to lose if we take incentive back? How many people will never go to get their a*s in gear? That a number too.” Moreover, Dr Phill agreed with this assessment too as he responded by saying, “The longer you are away from work, the less likely it is for you to work.” While Rogan clearly doesn’t agree with the scheme, there are people who do benefit from this. What do you think about Rogan’s opinion on the whole? Let us know in the comments below.



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