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‘Jeopardy!’ contestants hilariously fail on sports category

This “Jeopardy!” moment is probably going in the Hall of Shame.
On Thursday’s episode of the long-running hit game show, contestants had a sports category in the mix, and, well, things did not exactly go swimmingly.
The three competing on the show went 1-for-5 in the “Hall of Famer by position” category and struggled to come up with much of anything.
Not surprisingly, the category was saved for the last part of the Double Jeopardy round.
The first $400 answer started simply enough with names Joe Namath and Joe Montana.
Mason, standing in the middle, did correctly say “What is quarterback?” but chuckled after seemingly not being confident in what he said.
But from there, things got worse.
The contestants had some trouble with the sports category.
The $800 clue led with legendary NBA centers Bill Walton and Bill Russell, but none of the contestants even buzzed in to push across a guess.
When the three were presented with Hall-of-Fame pitchers Bob Feller, Bob Lemon and Bob Gibson, they again stayed silent while host Ken Jennings said, “This might be a long category,” much to the delight of the laughing audience.
“Hey sports fans, I believe in you,” Jennings then jokingly said as he presented receivers Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and John Stallworth, though no one knew that one either.
Ken Jennings had a feeling it was going to be a “long category.”
To finish off the category, Jennings read off: Gump Worsley, Shrimp Worters and Rat Westwick, which was only met with bewildered looks and more laughter.
“It just sounds like I’m making people up, these are hockey goalies — ice hockey goalies,” Jennings said.
It’s not the first time someone this year on the show had trouble with a sports-related question, as a 26-year-old medical student got tripped up on a Daily Double involving former Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.
Despite the flops in the last category, Yoshie won the game with $11,200 thanks to getting Final Jeopardy right.



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