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Isle of the Dead: Lauren Cohan reveals the first details on the spin-off with Maggie and Negan

A few weeks ago AMC announced Isle of the Deadthe new spin-off of The Walking Dead that will continue the story of the acclaimed TV series now nearing the conclusion of the main storyline.
The protagonists of this new show will be the enemy-friends Maggie and Negan who will travel to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan now separated from the mainland for a long time.
Lauren Cohan talks about Isle of the Dead
The idea of ​​a series with Lauren Cohan And Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been up since 2019, but it is only recently, thanks to the events of the last season of The Walking Dead, that the truce between the characters played by the two actors has allowed us to start writing a credible story to be used as the plot of this spin- off.
In fact, we know very little about Isle of the Dead but Cohan, speaking with Comicbook, revealed the first details on the next adventure and its genesis:
I know there have always been three, maybe four, different options for Maggie’s future. For her or Negan there were some ideas that were being considered. I think the story that Eli Jorne came up with, which is the one we’re shooting for the first season of Isle of the Dead, was really powerful, a really interesting way for fans to see the story of these characters continue. Jeff and I are over the moon because the story is completely in line with them and the situation they will find themselves in at the end of season 11. Somehow it’s even more tense than we are in this last season. As mentioned there were many different ideas which were then outlined. In the end, the most engaging one was chosen and which we thought would thrill the fans the most.
Release date of the TV series
Eli Jorne (The Walking Dead) has been cast as showrunner for the miniseries due to debut on AMC in 2023, with filming set to begin in July in New York.



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