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is the free pack coming?

Also this year EA Sports will periodically make available a package for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as a gift reserved for subscribers Twitch Prime / Amazon Prime (since August last year renamed in Prime Gaming)
An official confirmation is still missing but on 11 October the description of the first prime gaming package was added to the FUT database. This should be the content:
“Prime Gaming Exclusive Package! Contains 7 rare gold players, 2 players of your choice with TOT 81+, 12 rare consumables and 1 Mbappé loan for 5 games “
At the moment we still don’t know when this first FIFA 23 Prime Gaming package will be released. We will update this article as soon as there is news
How to link FIFA EA Account to Prime Gaming
To get the gift pack you need to perform the following steps
You can link your EA Account to only one Prime Gaming account. Make sure the Prime Gaming account you connect to is the one you will have access to for the life of your EA Account or you may lose access to redeem loot on your linked EA Account. Once you link one to your EA Account, you will no longer be able to link your EA Account to other Prime Gaming Accounts.
Go to the loot page on Prime Gaming and find the loot you want to redeem. Click Get it now. Link your EA Account by clicking Go to Electronic Arts. You will be asked if you want to allow Electronic Arts to access your Amazon account. Click Allow. Confirm your EA Account. If it’s not your account, click Not your account? to switch to the correct one. Click Keep on. If you have Login Verification turned on, you will be asked to verify your identity. Click Link accounts. Click Back to Amazon. Click Complete request.
If you didn’t get the loot after linking accounts
If you have more than one Twitch account linked to your Prime Gaming account, make sure you are linked to the correct one. You can see which Twitch account is linked under your profile or by selecting Manage Twitch Accounts. If you have redeemed the loot with the wrong account, the loot will go to the other one and it will not be possible to transfer it again.
If you have confirmed that you have the correct Twitch account linked to your Prime Gaming account, you may have disconnected it by mistake. You can solve the problem with the following solution.
Find another EA game from the loot list (FIFA, Apex Legends, or Madden) and claim that game’s reward. If you are asked to link your EA Account again, follow the steps above. Once reconnected, all pending items should go to your linked profile.
We remind you that Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of the Twitch Prime subscription for free
Connect Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime
Here’s how to link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch. We remind you that the Amazon Prime subscription is free for the first 30 days
To do this, go to
If you are already subscribed to Amazon prime: Click on connect your Twitch account . Log in with your Amazon account. Log into your Twitch account and click on Confirmation .
If you are not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime: Click on Sign up, Prime is free for the first 30 days . Log in with your Amazon account. Log into your Twitch account and confirm. Check your personal information and sign up for Amazon Prime.
If you are having trouble linking your Twitch account to EA Sports, we recommend that you contact EA Sports Support



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