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I want an ‘inflationship’ – let’s live sexless and financially free in the same bed

He’ll bunk up for a buck.
With inflation plaguing the nation, singletons from coast to coast are struggling to make ends meet.
In fact, the nosebleed-high cost of rent, food and basic necessities has become so overwhelming that one cash-strapped millennial is making a mass plea for a “platonic soulmate” to move into his bed, split expenses and live with him fiscally ever after — a pennywise partnership social media has cheekily named an “inflationship.”
“At this point I’m not even dating for love,” ranted travel influencer Ben Keenan, 31, from Seattle, Wash., from his trending TikTok soap box.
“I’m looking to date somebody so that we can sleep platonically next to each other and I can have the rent that I pay for a one bedroom apartment,” he continued.
“Because let’s be so f- -king for real about these bills right now.”
3 Travel blogger Ben Kenan sparked social media buzz after virally announcing his hunt for a platonic bedmate to help shoulder the high cost of living amid the inflation crisis. TikTok/@ivebentraveling
Keenan went on to gripe about paying $2,000 a month in rent for a 500-square-foot apartment that he lives in all alone.
“I could be paying $1,000 for 500 square feet to sleep next to somebody when it feels the exact same way as me sleeping next to nobody,” he groaned to his over 723,000 viewers. “At my big age I cannot afforded to be picky [about] who I’m sleeping next to and having my bills with.”
The fed-up bedfellow shamed society for unofficially levying a tax on single folks by forcing them to pay double for shelter and goods.
3 Online, social media users cheekily renamed Keenan’s desired relationship an “inflationship.” Getty Images/iStockphoto
“My groceries are $200 a week,” he lamented. “Let’s talk about the fact that it could be $100 a week because I am throwing out half of my food because nothing is created for single people.”
“Rent is not created for single people, bills are not created for single people, food is not created for single people,” spat Keenan — who then requested that he and his future bedmate seal the deal of their sexless living arrangement with a kiss.
“I need my platonic soulmate who’s gonna be sleeping [in my bed] for the next 100 years,” said Keenan. “So applications in!”
And equally down-and-out digital endorsers echoed his plea for help.
“So an inflationship?” joked a content creator named Chrystal in a stitched repost of Keenan’s video.
“Adult platonic life partners is the move. Truly,” chimed a separate supporter of the non-romantic living situation.
“The most fiscally irresponsible choice I’ve ever made is being single lol,” penned a complainer.
“SINK life (single income no kids) is DROWNING — I swear,” whined another. “I stayed with a situationship solely to cut vacation costs.”
“They need to create a dating app for people who don’t wanna date, but need to platonically cohabitate to save money lol,” another wrote.
Keenan isn’t the first to dream up a nonsexual, budget-friendly way of living amid these super pricy times. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a global phenomenon.
3 Due to spiked prices on rent, food and other basic necessities, many people around the world have begun renting out their beds as a side hustle. Getty Images/iStockphoto
Monique Jeremiah, a 36-year-old entrepreneur from Queensland, Australia, recently revealed that she rakes in a whopping $600 a month via “hot-bedding,” or renting out the unoccupied side of her, bed for extra cash.
And in November, a $655 ($900 Canadian) rental listing for half a bed in a Toronto-based condo went viral. The since-deleted ad, which was originally posted on Facebook Marketplace, sought an “easy-going FEMALE” to join the tenant in her queen-size mattress each night.
Toronto realtor Anya Ettinger reposted the listing to an audience of over 642,000 TikTok viewers, deeming the high cost of living “sad.”
“$900 a month to share queen-sized bed…with someone who’s not your partner?” she questioned. “This is so unhinged.”



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