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“I owe it all to Tom Cruise’s raunchy advice for Edge of Tomorrow” SparkChronicles

Filming 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow was physically demanding for Emily Blunt, who co-starred in the sci-fi action flick with Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise’s advice to Emily Blunt
Directed by Doug Liman, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a soldier (Cruise) is caught in a time loop during an alien invasion, forced to repeatedly relive his death courtesy of the otherworldly invaders. Hoping to draw from each loop what he has learned, the human warrior and a companion (Blunt) team up in hopes of defeating the invaders and saving the planet.
The plot of the film has the protagonists wear heavy armor, which meant dressing Blunt and Cruise in bulky metal suits. In a new interview with the Smartless podcast, Blunt recalled how dissatisfied she was with her wardrobe, recalling how uncomfortable and heavy her clothing was. She was so nasty that Blunt says she even broke down in tears the first time she tried on the suit, questioning her ability to make the film.
“We had to wear these really huge robotic suits, which I think would have been amazing if they could have done it in CGI, but they wanted to do it practically and tactilely. And, you know, when you hear the word tactile, it sounds nice and cozy – but there was nothing cozy about wearing these overalls. Mine weighed about 85 kilos, it was so heavy that the first time I put it on I started crying”.



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