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“I Hope I’ll Have the Strength of His Man”: Sports World Mourns the Death of Olympics Greatest Father Ever

Published 10/05/2022, 7:45 AM EDT
Over the years, the Olympics have become all about winning. Every athlete dreams of winning the gold medal, the ultimate achievement. However, Pierre de Coubertin’s vision for the modern Olympic games. The father of modern olympics had always talked about taking part over winning. The spirit of the games has always been about how one can beat the odds and never give up. In 1992, that spirit was captured in an iconic and dramatic moment.
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British prospect Derek Redmond snapped his hamstring during the 400 meter semifinals. However, neither he nor his father, Jim Redmond, were ready to give up. Jim’s actions earned him a standing ovation. Jim Redmond has passed away at 81, but his actions at Barcelona have immortalized him.
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An iconic Olympic moment
Sprinter, Derek Redmond’s story is that of persistence. The British runner missed his spot in the 1988 Seol Olympic games because of a last moment injury. However, Redmond was in great shape by the time the 1992 Olympics rolled in. Derek won both the heats and was in the semifinals. While Redmond had a great start in the semi-final race, moments later, he collapsed in pain. The sprinter had torn his left hamstring and was out of the race.
Jim, who supported Derek throughout the sprinter’s career, refused to be an onlooker as his son struggled. Jim Redmond climbed down from the stands and rushed to Derek, waving aside the officials who tried to protest. Soon, Jim was by Derek’s side, helping his limping son to finish the race. The duo eventually crossed the finish line and won over the entire crowd.
Jim Redmond’s gesture perfectly captured the spirit of the games. 20 years later the Jim was selected as one of the torchbearers for the 2012 London games.
Fans react to the death of the greatest father the Olympics has ever seen
After the announcement of Jim Redmond’s death, fans took to twitter to express their heartfelt condolences to Derek and his family. Fans quickly flooded the comments on the official Olympic Games page on twitter. The official post read: “Our thoughts are with Derek Redmond and his family following the death of his father, Jim. Together, they brought us one of the most inspirational moments in Olympic history.”
It’s clear that Jim’s gesture in 1992 still resonates deeply with anyone who loves sports. Many have posted about it being one of the greatest Olympic moments ever:
Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson wrote: “I remember this so clearly.”
Others praised Jim as a father. One fan wrote: “I hope I’ll have the strength of this man when my kids need me most.”
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The fans’ response has proved that not just Derek Redmond and his family, but the entire sports world mourns Jim Redmond’s death.



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