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“I Heard You Know Where All the Good Strip Joints Are”: WWE Legend Reveals the Truth Behind The Undertaker Traveling With Him

Published 10/04/2022, 11:00 AM EDT
The Undertaker is one of the rarest wrestlers who has etched his name in the wrestling industry as legendary. His aura, charisma, and wrestling ability justified his claim to any opportunity that came his way. But before he was the biggest star in wrestling history, he was also one of the rookie wrestlers trying to find their place in the stacked roster of professionals.
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Before coming to WWE, he was one of the wrestlers trying to make his name in WCW. But unfortunately for the company that would challenge WWE a few years later, they couldn’t find a role for Taker. So, the giant went to WWE and Vince McMahon, and they forever changed his future. But as we all are in our youths, distractions also took Taker’s time while on his path to greatness.
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WWE Legend reveals a never-before-seen side of The Undertaker
While talking about The Undertaker’s early career, DDP said, “You know, he first came to me when he first got there and he says, Jake, I’ll be riding with you. That’s kind of bold. You’re gonna have rides for me now. No, I want to travel with you.”
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He continued, “I’m like, okay, so you want to get underneath the Learning Tree? I mean, I appreciate you being bold enough to give up Mashpee straight out. Hey, man, I’ll be glad to share anything I know. He goes, ‘That’s great too, but I heard you know we’re all been good strip joints are.” This is obviously a different Taker compared to the one we all know and love.
Soon after leaving WCW, The Undertaker would make his momentous debut at Survivor Series. While there were many goofy and scary gimmicks back in the day, Taker stood out amongst the crowd because of his dedication to the job and the character. Fans still coin him as a perfect example of a WWE character that any wrestler could never replicate.
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Tell us how the character of The Undertaker influenced your childhood when you first laid eyes on it. Were you scared and interested or were you taken aback by his supernatural abilities like summoning lightning? Share your thoughts and memories with Taker and his amazing character in the comments section below.



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