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How to Find Cheap Flights, Airfare for 2023 Holiday Travel

Flight prices are increasing as the holiday travel season approaches.
Flight expert Gilbert Ott shared four tips for saving money on airfare during the holidays.
Consider one-way tickets, know the market, and use your rewards points, he said.
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Flight prices are only getting higher as the holiday season approaches. And Gilbert Ott is here to save budget travelers who are scrambling to book the cheapest airfare.
Ott flies more than 200,000 miles a year and has been blogging about flying for the last decade. Ott’s blog, called God Save the Points, covers everything from airline news and flight reviews to travel tips and money-saving hacks, such as how to best use credit-card points.
He recently gave Insider four tips for scoring the lowest prices on airfare during holiday travel, from knowing the market to using your points.
Know the market
It’s easy to figure out what a flight on your route typically costs with free online tools.



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