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How to fast travel in Rise of the Ronin

The Rise of the Ronin fast travel system is done via checkpoints called Veiled Edge Banners, as well as certain other key locations like the player’s longhouse. Fast travel in Rise of the Ronin is something you’ll definitely want to make use of – it’s a big map, and certain important vendors, characters and quest locations will be miles back where you’ve already been. If you’re not inclined to ride back on your own power, here’s how to fast travel in Rise of the Ronin.
Rise of the Ronin Fast Travel explained
(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)
The Fast Travel system in Rise of the Ronin is pretty simple, becoming accessible not long after players reach the open world section in the wake of the tutorial. You’ll have encountered the Veiled Edge Banners that serve as checkpoints before now, but from this point on these Banners are scattered all over the world, marked with a white X on the map. When a player finds and raises one, it becomes a fast travel point. To use it from that point on, you can just hover the cursor over it in the map and press the X button on the PS5 controller to be brought straight there. There’ll also be certain key locations, like the Longhouse and major landmarks, that work this way as well.
Some Banners need to be earned, with enemies in the area causing a



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