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How Mission: Impossible 7 Made A 14-Year Long Wish Come True

How Mission: Impossible 7 Made A 14-Year Long Wish Come True
An incredibly difficult shoot, a once-in-a-generation pandemic, and multiple release date delays as the industry tried to get back on its feet all contributed to the feeling that “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning” (formerly known as “Part One,” which has been emblazoned on all the marketing material attached to the movie, but apparently not anymore) has been in the works for an unfathomably lengthy amount of time. That’s not entirely untrue, of course, as production began in earnest back in 2020 and even overlapped with filming of certain parts of the sequel. With the benefit of hindsight, although the film perhaps doesn’t reach the same highs as 2018’s “Fallout,” it still feels like a minor miracle that the movie managed to overcome all of those obstacles, make it into theaters, and be as entertaining as it was.
For director Chris McQuarrie and star Tom Cruise, however, the ambitious blockbuster represented something even more meaningful. Aside from Cruise’s defiance of death with yet another wildly dangerous stunt, “Dead Reckoning” provided the perfect opportunity for the two longtime creative collaborators to cross off a certain item off their bucket list. With both figures having worked in the industry for quite a long time now and on some of the most expensive projects conceivable, it’s hard to imagine what their latest movie could’ve allowed them to do that they hadn’t done before. Luckily, the answer is found in the bonus features included in the recent DVD/Blu-ray release.
According to commentary by McQuarrie, he and Cruise had wanted to film something together in Venice for well over a decade now. Obviously, the world-famous locale has provided the setting for several classic movies, from “Casino Royale” to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” But one pivotal sequence let them put their own spin on Venice.



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