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High Airfare Doesn’t Deter Travelers Ahead of Busy Holiday Season

The holiday travel season is right around the corner, and it looks like people are planning to get away for Thanksgiving and Christmas despite the economy.
“We’re doing our Christmas in early December in Florida,” one woman said Logan International Airport in Boston.
Given record inflation, there’s a lot for people to think about when it comes flying this holiday season.
Rising fuel costs, staffing shortages and less airline capacity are driving up airfare.
“I’ll be looking for options where, you know, I can adjust my budget,” another man said.
Hopper, a travel agency, says one domestic, round-trip ticket purchased right now will cost about $400. The cost of a flight at Christmas is about the same. Ticket prices are expected to rise even more as the holidays approach.
“We do have a feeling that travel is going to be strong. It’s one of those things that, even when economic times are tough, people are still really determined to visit their family,” said Mark Schieldrop of AAA Northeast. “The sooner you can book things and get to the airport and get yourself registered with your airline so you get flight updates, the better. Because you don’t want to be waiting in a big line at the airport if something goes wrong.”
This summer, airports all over the country were crowded. That trend is expected to continue, as many people look to get out of town for the holidays and forget about the pandemic.
“There’s pressure in hosting, but I’d rather host then travel,” said a woman at Logan.
AAA is set to release its holiday travel forecast next week.



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