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Gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles Poses With the First American Woman to Land Highly Distinguished Job

Published 11/06/2022, 9:34 AM EST
Simone Biles is often looked up to as the greatest female gymnast to compete in the sport. Her incredible performances since her debut on the world stage astounded the world audience. Moreover, some of her best moves, such as the Triple Double, are considered real challenges by other gymnasts.
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When Simone was compared to Michael Phelps at the beginning of her career, she clearly said she was not the second Michael Phelps, but the first Simone Biles. Showing her prowess and spreading awareness regarding mental health, Biles has contributed to American society in several ways. Recently, Simone posed with another woman who made a tremendous and historical accomplishment in 2015.
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Simone Biles poses with the first-ever female cruise captain
Simone Biles is out of the competing zone for a while now. She last competed in the Tokyo Olympics where she withdrew her contention in between because of her uneasy mental health. However, since then, she is making her contribution to the world by spreading mental health awareness all around the US.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Celebrity Cruises (@celebritycruises)
Recently, the gymnastics legend met the first ever women cruise captain of America, Kate McCue. They were seen posing together for a powerful picture in an Instagram post by ‘Celebrity Cruises.’ The post captioned, “The first American female cruise ship captain and the G.O.A.T.✨ A duo so beyond, there was no other word to describe it. #CelebrityBeyond”
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They share many similarities in their career and personalities as well. Both women had amazing years around 2015, which made them the leading women in their respective fields. They seem to have high ignorance power for social media trolls, and troll back harder.
If you troll Simone and Kate, be ready for what’s coming your way
Other than their massive accomplishments and stature in their respective fields, these women share another similarity. They might ignore many trolls, but when it gets too much, they do reply to the trollers. Recently, Simone trolled a troller who commented on her tweet saying, “Too bad you can’t go as Olympic medal winner.”
To which Simone replied, “I have 7 olympic medals, do your research also the bots get on my fn nerves. be real. say it with your chest. stop with the fake accounts.”
On the other hand, Kate once gave some English lessons to the troller who tried to troll her. The troller said, “How can you be a captain? Your only a woman”. To which Kate replied with a video on her Instagram handle.
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Captain Kate McCue (@captainkatemccue)
They are undoubtedly two of the most distinguished figures from their respective fields, with a pinch of sassiness.
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