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From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel is the new “hand luggage” destination

A new dimension of travel and a destination that reinvents itself by proposing itself as destination of excellence to experience an “easy” holiday, from hand luggage. This is the concept chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to relaunch a new type of tourism, lighter and which is aimed in particular at Italy and other European countries.
A promo that aims to enhance the country and its own infinite beauties and which highlights how, two of the symbolic cities and among the most beautiful of this wonderful land and beyond – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – are so close that they can be reached and visited within a few days, proving to be perfect destinations to live a classic long weekend of culture, art, architecture, natural beauty and views that will leave you breathless.
A “hand luggage” tourist proposal, therefore, and which wants to put Israel in the first places among the destinations where it can be travel freelyeasily and lightly, and of course all year long. An operation aimed at redeveloping this splendid country and which aims to open up new roads and tourist opportunities for it, and which was presented during a “networking” evening in which, among others, personalities such as Camilla Gullà, fashion and travel influencer, Diego Passoni, host and DJ, Alessio Virgili, president of Aitgl (Italian Lgbtq + tourism body) and Diana Alessandra De Marchi, councilor of the Municipality of Milan and president of the Commission for Civil Rights, protagonists of a story about Tel Aviv and its infinite beauties. But not only.
The event was also attended by Kalanit Goren, director of the Israeli National Tourist Office in Italy, Pietro de Arena, marketing director, and Mariagrazia Falcone, director of the press office and PR, who together welcomed the participants to the conference by telling their turn there particularity and potential of this new guise of Israel. Valuing the greatness of this new concept and the real possibility of experiencing this country in a totally new but no less gratifying mood.
A destination that creates enthusiasm in those who live it and in those who visit it, and a proposal that aims to achieve one attentive and curious clientele, with high cultural potential, and who loves to enrich themselves with new experiences and knowledge. Thanks to the images, the stories and the heartfelt words of the participants in the conference, they were able to describe in a masterly way all the reasons why it is really worth living a tourist experience (and not only) in Tel Aviv, the white city, and in Israel.
Places from which to be conquered, which know how to convey strong emotions, full of history, traditions and beauty. Places where different cultures, stories of life and unique energies mix. In a concentrate of wonder to be experienced absolutely and that thanks to this new one smarter travel proposal, proves to be an avant-garde destination that lends itself well to being discovered in new formulas and by new travelers attentive and interested in experiencing its infinite beauties. Accompanied by a single trolley and a great desire to be overwhelmed by a unique land.



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