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Exercise Scientist Reveals an Unlikely Benefit of Using Creatine: “Many People Did Not See Coming”

Dr. Mike Israetel corrects the fitness industry’s most believed misconceptions whenever he gets a chance. While people will condemn things that can actually help them, Israetel proves their beneficial attributes by backing it up with science. This time too he broke past all the bad reputation that Creatine had for itself and helped the community understand its benefits.
Claiming Creatine had been used all throughout history, Dr. Mike Israetel boldly commented how people might find Optimal Nutritional Creatine supplements next to any jacked grandma in old photo books. He said that there is a high chance that even Abraham Lincoln used it back in the day. After claiming these, the exercise expert goes on to talk about what really happens when one takes Creatine.
Dr. Mike Israetel explains what does not happen when one takes Creatine
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In one of his YouTube short videos, Israetel explained that people know the usefulness of creatine and hence it has been popular throughout history. However, he also explained how certain supplements have bad effects. He recalled Andrew Huberman saying, “You are like dude this is going to change my life. You take it nothing happens. 6 months later, three other studies come out and say it doesn’t do anything. And you are like god dammit I lost my money.” Then the exercise scientist announced, “Creatine is not one of them.”
Eradicating the idea that this is one supplement that does not compromise with visible results, Israetel stated its benefits from muscle growth to improved performance. He said, “It causes muscle growth, it causes an increase in performance, it speeds set to set recovery.” Then the bodybuilding expert exclaims that there’s one benefit that he did not know about. He said, “It even seems to be healthy for the brain and nervous systems for healthy aging which is really cool. Something many people did not see coming, including myself.”
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However, this is not the only supplement that Mike Israetel has vouched for. He had once revealed some of the supplements he thought showed confirmed results. Let us find out which are the supplements he was talking about.
Dr. Mike Israetel says supplements outside of this list do nothing detectable
In one of his other YouTube short videos, Israetel revealed how certain small classes of supplements are actually effective. He started listing them down as “Whey and casein proteins work. Creatine works again just a little bit, stimulants work. Maybe Carbohydrate powders have their place and daily vitamins and some minerals maybe like vitamins D, zinc, etc.”
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Then Dr. Mike Israetel also affirmed that outside of these confirmed supplements with their effective prospects, there are almost no other options that can have such proven benefits. He said, “Those are really just the confirmed supplements that work, and almost all the rest do nothing we can detect.
Do you think you would start taking creatine based on the benefits listed by Dr. Mike Israetel? Let us know in the comments below.



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