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Disney Cruise Line Reveals New Castaway Cay Outfits for Mickey & Friends

Mickey and his friends are debuting new outfits on Castaway Cay, the private island guests visiting during Disney Cruise Line sailings.
Mickey & Friends Castaway Cay Outfits
The gang all have bright and colorful new outfits. Previously, they all wore light blue shades but they now have different color schemes. The outfits still retain a beachy spirit, though.
Minnie is in a light blue dress with stripes of pink, orange, and dark blue on the skirt and sleeves. A dark blue ribbon around her waist has white embroidery and a ship’s wheel charm. Her shoes are red with multi-colored laces. She also wears red sunglasses with a yellow bow.
Mickey has traded his embroidered shirt for an orange wave-printed tee and striped blue overshirt with yellow buttons. He wears red shorts with orange stripes down the sides. His blue sneakers are paired with blue socks. He has a yellow ball cap featuring the Disney Cruise Line logo.
Daisy is just as stylish as ever with a wrap dress striped pink, red, and orange. It has purple trim and a teal green belt with fish and a life preserver charm. She wears a teal undershirt, dark blue wedges, and a large pink sunhat.
Donald’s new rashguard is covered in a wave pattern of blue and teal. The neckline appears to have a drawstring with a life preserver hanging from the ends. He wears yellow floaties featuring octopi and a snorkel with goggles.
Chip and Dale are channeling pirates with their new looks made of materials found around the island. Chip’s has a pink and orange color scheme with touches of teal, while Dale’s is blue and teal with touches of orange. Chip has on a pointed hat made of a towel, a life preserver vest, striped swim trunks, and a fishing net sash. Dale wears a green bandanna, blue tee, striped swim trunks, and a sash of floaties.
Goofy has a sporty look with a yellow sun hat, green wave-patterned vest, and a striped tee over blue shorts. Pluto’s new collar isn’t very visible in the photos, but it appears to be red and Disney Parks Blog teased that it has a fish design inspired by the fish posted outside staterooms.
For comparison, above is a picture of Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, Mickey, and Donald in their old Castaway Cay outfits. Daisy previously wore a blue vest, striped shirt, and blue skirt. Chip ‘n’ Dale previously wore the same outfit: yellow tank tops and swim trunks patterned with sea creatures.
The characters will debut this new look for cruisers visiting Castaway Cay this weekend.
The gang will have different outfits at the new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point destination opening this summer.
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