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Dave Portnoy calls Big Ten ‘criminal’ for Jim Harbaugh suspension

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy took to X on Friday to air his grievances on the Michigan sign-stealing scandal, calling the Big Ten Conference “criminal” for how it’s treating the school he graduated from.
“As a Michigan Man I would not hesitate leaving the [conference],” Portnoy, a Michigan alum, wrote in the wake of Jim Harbaugh’s suspension that bars him from coaching on the sidelines for the rest of the regular season.
Portnoy described Michigan as “the straw that stirs the drink in the Big 10,” adding that without the Wolverines, the Big Ten is “essentially the Mountain West.”
The flood of tweets came after the Big Ten made its decision, stating Michigan conducted “an impermissible, in-person scouting operation over multiple years, resulting in an unfair competitive advantage that compromised the integrity of competition.”
While he won’t be able to coach on the sidelines during games, Harbaugh will still be permitted to coach practices and run team activities.
3 Michigan alum Dave Portnoy commented on the Michigan sign-stealing scandal on X. Getty Images
Michigan released a statement on X, calling out the penalty handed down.
“Today’s action by Commissioner Tony Petitti disregards the Conference’s own handbook, violates basic tenets of due process, and sets an untenable precedent of assessing penalties before an investigation has been completed,” Michigan said in a statement Friday. “We are dismayed at the Commissioner’s rush to judgment when there is an ongoing NCAA investigation – one in which we are fully cooperating.”
In response to Michigan’s statement, Portnoy added more about his feelings on the Big Ten’s leadership.
“It is unbelievable what a spineless coward Tony Petitti is,” Portnoy wrote of the Big Ten commissioner.
3 Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been suspended for the remainder of the regular season games. AP
In another X post, Portnoy called out the conference and NCAA for “ganging up” on Michigan because, in his words, “they can’t beat us.”
Commenting on Connor Stalions, the former staffer who resigned after being accused of leading the alleged sign stealing, Portnoy wrote: “Again Connor Stalions (US Marine. Happy Birthday Connor) was employed by Michigan for 16 days after he was suspended. Neither Big 10 nor NCAA asked to speak with him.”
Stalions stepped down from his position with the team last week after his attorney, Brad Beckworth, said media attention from the scandal was “creating a distraction for the team.”
3 Michigan said in a statement they are “dismayed” by Tony Petitti’s rushed judgment. Shutterstock
Porntnoy, in more X posts, continued to speak out against how the Big Ten handled the case and specifically the details with Stalions.
“Keep in mind the Big 10 did not once try to contact Connor Stalions. NOT ONCE. How do you not even attempt to speak to the main suspect before issuing a suspension?” Portnoy wrote.
“Tony Petitti belongs in prison! Lock him up.”



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